NFL Draft Countdown

Scoot Henderson Emerges as Strong Contender for Second Pick in Upcoming NBA Draft


The NBA Draft 2023 is around the corner. Many young and talented prospects are in the line to test their luck in the upcoming selection. 

Scoot Henderson, a 19-year-old teen, is likely to be the second pick. Henderson made a strong case for himself with his ferocious competitiveness and ability to perform under pressure. 

He is among the few to prove his worth on the basketball court steadily. 

However, what makes him stand apart from the rest? Why should he be the chosen one instead of players like Brandon Miller?

What Scoot Henderson May Be the Second Pick?

Analyzing the NBA mock draft 2023 and why Scoot Henderson is still a likely second pick, it’s important to understand the broader basketball landscape. Many factors influence these decisions, including player performances, team strategies, and expert predictions.

Speaking of predictions, diverse opinions abound about the likely outcomes of the Draft. For example, by looking at the list all online bookmakers on, you can find a variety of forecasts for the upcoming season. These predictions, while not infallible, can provide an interesting perspective on the potential draft scenarios.

Regardless, Scoot Henderson’s status remains a point of significant discussion, promising to make this NBA draft odds 2023 an exciting event to follow.


These predictions can offer an interesting perspective on what is likely to happen. However, they are still forecasts and can change based on real-time factors. 

Nonetheless, the Scoot Henderson NBA draft is a topic of hot discussion. Below is a look at why he is worthy of the second pick. 

What Makes Scoot Lead the Pack?

Henderson showcased his skills in a prospect showcase game held between Metropolitans 92 and the G League Ignite last July. He emerged as more than just a consolation prize to the highly regarded Victor Wembanyama.

The young guard delivered an outstanding performance that consisted of the following:

  • Recording 28 points
  • Nine assists
  • Making crucial decisions

Most importantly, he displayed what a clutch gene might do if scientists are able to prove it. Scoot made critical plays in crunch time to lead his team to victory. 

The physical attributes of the 19-year-old are difficult to overlook. He is a well-built, 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame that belies his age. 

Additionally, he has the potential to carry an entire franchise on his shoulders with his NBA-ready skills as a combo guard. 

Henderson is a versatile scorer. He can dominate all areas of the court and leverage his explosive athleticism to score with unrivalled intensity. 

Outstanding Skills at Display

Scoot’s midrange jumper is particularly lethal, showcasing a level of refinement beyond his years. However, his 3-point shooting could benefit from further improvement.

Apart from sporting skills, the young athlete works diligently to improve his leadership skills to become an influential playmaker. 

He demonstrated his ability to orchestrate plays and boost his team’s performance throughout the past season. The star player averaged nearly seven assists in each game. 

Henderson’s rise to glory is unique. He spent two consecutive seasons competing against fringe NBA players. Simultaneously, he underwent NBA-level training, practices, and film sessions with the G League Ignite. 

This experience gave him invaluable experience and exposure at a young age. 

Some people may argue that Scoot’s injury-riddled 2022-23 Ignite season slowed down his progress. However, many experts believe he is the clear choice for the second pick in the upcoming draft. 

Recent Developments

Recent reports indicate that Henderson excelled during his workout with the Charlotte Hornets. He is now a top preference, along with Brandon Miller, for their draft decision. 

Scoot spent two years as a professional basketball player by the time he turned 19. He graduated high school a year early to join the G League Ignite. 

Now, he is preparing for the NBA draft combine and lottery in Chicago. Henderson envisions a promising future, firmly believing he should be the number one pick, despite projections placing him at number two.

The combination of impressive workouts and consistent performance throughout Scoot’s career has undoubtedly caught the attention of teams and scouts alike. The basketball world eagerly awaits to see where he will find himself in the order of selections. 

We will wait to see which franchise will be fortunate enough to acquire his exceptional talent.

Other Picks

Indications suggest that Brandon Miller remains the favourite for the Hornets’ second pick. He may be a better roster fit, and the organisation believes in his long-term potential.

The Portland Trail Blazers, slated for the third pick, continue to explore trade opportunities. However, they seem content with selecting either Miller or Henderson. Miller will have a workout with the Blazers, presenting his case for being the third overall pick.

Teams are closely evaluating the top prospects and weighing their performances to make a selection for the upcoming draft.