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Top 5 Favorites for the 2024/25 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year


The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (OROY) award is one of the most coveted honours for first-year players, often serving as a springboard for a stellar career. As we gear up for the 2024/25 NFL season, the anticipation surrounding the new crop of rookies is palpable. Here, we delve into the top five favourites to win the OROY award, each bringing a unique skill set and potential to their respective teams.

1. Caleb Williams, QB, Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams enters the NFL with high expectations as the odds-on favourite to win the OPOY in 2024, having already built an impressive resume during his college career at USC. Known for his exceptional arm strength, accuracy, and poise under pressure, Williams has drawn comparisons to some of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. In his 2022 college season, he threw for over 4,500 yards and 42 touchdowns, showcasing his ability to lead and perform at a high level.

Williams’ transition to the Chicago Bears could be the perfect storm for an OROY campaign. With a solid offensive line and a versatile receiving corps, including the likes of the recently acquired Keenan Allen and the elite DJ Moore, he has the tools to make an immediate impact. His ability to read defences and make quick decisions will be crucial in navigating the NFL’s complex schemes.

If the Bears can improve their overall performance, Williams’ leadership and performance could be the driving force behind their resurgence, making a compelling case for him to take home the OROY award.

2. Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Arizona Cardinals

Marvin Harrison Jr., following in the footsteps of his Hall of Fame father, has already made a name for himself with his explosive playmaking ability and reliable hands. At Ohio State, he consistently demonstrated his prowess as a top receiver, amassing over 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns in each of his past two seasons with the Buckeyes. His route-running precision and ability to make contested catches make him a quarterback’s best friend.

Harrison’s move to the Arizona Cardinals places him in a position to thrive. The Cards have been seeking a dynamic receiver to elevate their passing game, and Harrison fits the bill perfectly. His chemistry with the team’s young quarterback, Kyler Murray, and his knack for making big plays could result in impressive stats.

If he can maintain his college form and continue to develop, Harrison has strong odds to emerge as the OROY.

3. Jayden Daniels, QB, Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels enters the NFL with a Heisman Trophy already adorning his shelf. His college career at LSU was nothing short of spectacular. The San Bernardino native showcased a blend of precision passing, pocket awareness, and the ability to extend plays – a rare trifecta that sets him apart. Daniels, standing tall at 6’4″ and weighing 210 pounds, brings hope to a fanbase that has long yearned for stability under center.

Daniels isn’t alone in this journey either. The Commanders have surrounded him with talent. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin and pass-catching running back Austin Ekeler, both Pro Bowlers, are salivating at the prospect of catching Daniels’ spirals. The offensive line, bolstered by savvy veterans, provides the protection he needs to orchestrate scoring drives. For college football, you can bet on who can win the Heisman like Jayden Daniels did.

Some players have that intangible quality – the “it” factor and Daniels has that. If he can continue his momentum after winning last year’s Heisman, he’s a shoo-in to win the OPOY.

4. Malik Nabers, WR, New York Giants

Nabers brings a dynamic skill set to the field. His 30 missed tackles forced after the catch during college ranked fourth among draft-eligible wide receivers. His ability to turn routine plays into game-changing moments is a game-changer in itself, much like a previous Giant, Odell Beckham Jr. Like Beckham, he possesses the potential to captivate fans and defy expectations.

With the aging Darius Slayton and Allen Robinson, and Wan’Dale Robinson and Jalin Hyatt yet to prove themselves, Nabers steps into the spotlight as the Giants’ primary target. Last season, Slayton and Robinson shared the team lead with a mere 76 targets. Nabers, with his explosive playmaking, is poised to surpass that number significantly. Daniel Jones, the Giants’ quarterback, will look to him early and often.

If history repeats itself and Nabers lives up to the hype as the next OBJ, Nabers could very well claim the Offensive Rookie of the Year title.

5. Drake Maye QB, New England Patriots

Drake Maye finds himself in an enviable position as the heaviest underdog to win the award. The Patriots may not have the most amount of elite receivers surrounding Maye compared to many of his counterparts, but the UNC quarterback has a unique ability to scan the field and make the right play. At 6’4″ and 223 pounds, Maye is a prototypical quarterback. Arm strength? Check. Deep ball? Check. Poise under pressure? Double check. He’s shown to be unflappable, and that’s a quality that translates to success in the NFL.

Before donning the Patriots’ colours, Maye dazzled at North Carolina, a team nobody was betting on before he arrived. In 2023, he led the Tar Heels to an 8-5 record, tossing 24 touchdowns and adding 9 rushing scores. But rewind to 2022: ACC Player of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year – all in one season! He even joined FSU’s Jameis Winston in the exclusive club winning all four awards simultaneously.

Vegas may be sleeping on Maye, with most betting sites having him with the lowest odds, but rookie QBs constantly defy expectations, so Maye might just pull a rabbit out of his helmet.


The race for the 2024/25 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr., Jayden Daniels, Malik Nabers and Drake Maye each bring unique talents and high expectations to their respective teams. Their ability to adapt to the NFL, coupled with the opportunities presented by their team’s offensive schemes, will be critical in their pursuit of the OROY award. As the season unfolds, these rookies will be players to watch, each with the potential to leave an indelible mark on the league and take home the coveted award.




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