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Mikel Jones, Combine Snub

Every year the Committee that decides who will receive a Combine invitation have the goal of inviting every player who will be drafted. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t happen that way and some Combine snubs will ultimately be drafted in the 3rd day despite missing that Combine Invite. Here are a few players at each position who are Combine Snubs this year but could find their name called.



Holton Ahlers, ECU

Chase Brice, App State

Tim DeMorat, Fordham

The QB pool is so small for the draft this year that there aren’t many snubs. Ahlers took home the MVP of both the Hula Bowl and NFLPA Game, but the Combine list is set before that. Brice and DeMorat likely go undrafted, but they did have some buzz as camp bodies. None of these are ver surprising..


Running Back

Jordan Mims, Fresno State

Lew Nichols, Central Michigan

Titus Swen, Wyoming

Xazavian Valladay, Arizona State


Mims, Swen, and Valladay all had some buzz after the Shrine Bowl as potential late round picks. But, the RB group is deep in the draft this year, so there were understandably some cuts to the Combine list that had to be made. Nichols was an extremely productive back, but had injuries derail him this season. Unfortunately, his athletic testing will have to wait until his Pro Day.


Wide Receiver

Xavier Gipson, Stephen F. Austin

Keilahn Harris, Oklahoma Baptist

Nikko Remigio, Fresno State

Keytaon Thompson, Virginia

Jared Wayne, Pittsburgh

Josh Vann, South Carolina

Small school players are hard to find in this year’s Combine. Harris and Gipson were potential late round picks who won’t be there. Productive players like Remigio and Vann are a bit of surprise as they have shown legit NFL talent. Thompson’s size was intriguing, but he had a down year. Wayne is an analytics darling who likely didn’t make enough of an impact to get the invite. Many of those invited do have special teams abilities that this list doesn’t, which could have been the difference


Tight End

Daniel Barker, Michigan State

Princeton Fant, Tennessee

Julian Hill, Campbell

Joel Wilson, Central Michigan


No real notable TE misses. Wilson was very productive in his career, but falls short of NFL thresholds for size/athleticism. Fant was used as part RB/part TE this past season and likely didn’t have enough of a push to get an invite. Hill was another small schooler who missed the cut.


Offensive Line

Warren Ericson, Georgia

Joey Fisher, Shepherd

Trevor Reid, Louisville

Kadeem Telfort, UAB

BJ Wilson, Quincy


Ericson was a major surprise, declaring early and not getting a Combine invite. His teammates in Broderick Jones and Warren McClendon did however. Telfort’s massive size and good offseason may not have been enough, but he could be drafted despite the lack of a Combine invite. Reid had a solid career, but fell off late, though he could be drafted too. The small school players surprised me as Fisher got the Senior Bowl call-up (and should definitely be drafted)  while Wilson, despite some injuries, flashes NFL athleticism. 


Defensive Line, EDGE, and Linebacker

Karl Brooks, Bowling Green

Mohamoud Diabate, Utah

Mikel Jones, Syracuse

Carlton Martial, Troy

Aubrey Miller, Jackson State

Drake Thomas, NC State

BJ Thompson, Stephen F. Austin

Kobie Turner, Wake Forest


The EDGE/DL group didn’t have any major snubs, though BJ Thompson’s top athleticism won’t be on display. Turner is a favorite of mine, but hasn’t hit the buzz many expected. 

The LBs were more surprising. Senior Bowl player Martial broke the career tackle record for CFB, but he could not get an invite. Jones, Diabate, and Thomas all had great careers, but none are super size/speed combo players. It would have been nice to see them there. Finally, Aubrey Miller had a Senior Bowl invite and a good week, but the snubbing of small school players continues on the Combine list. 



Defensive Back

AJ Finley, Mississippi

Sheridan Jones, Clemson

Marte Mapu, Sacramento State

Keidron Smith, Kentucky

Starling Thomas, UAB

Quavian White, Georgia State


A few personal favorites for me like Finley and White were disappointing not to see on the list, but a few Senior Bowl replacements didn’t make it. Smith had a great season for Kentucky and flashed some in Mobile, but received no Combine invite. Mapu showed in the all-star circuit he belongs, but the Combine list is decided before that. Mapu should still find his way into the draft. Thomas is another with a good career year who is becoming a fan favorite. Finally, Jones is surprising coming from Clemson as most of those “big school” players find their way into the Combine.


As a whole, it was a solid Combine list, but there are a few snubs who will make an NFL impact. Is there anyone not listed who should have been invited? Tweet them at us over @DraftCountdown 


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