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40-Yard Dash Combine Predictions (Defense & Special Teams)

40-yard dash

This is the first year I have gone into the Combine predicting the 40-yard dash for ALL of the Combine participants. It was a painstaking process of trying to find any 40 or 100m on record and applying it as well as factoring in weight and size. For doing this the first time, plenty of these will end up way off and hopefully can learn and improve through the years to crack a bit of the code to what the 40 times will be.

Some asked WHY make these predictions. First and foremost, it sets an expectation to see if players exceed it or not. One big issue with the Combine is “double counting” measurements. If a player runs a fast 40, it may not move them up the board if that was the expectation going in. This helps check myself on what the expectations are and if players exceed or fall below that threshold. Obviously some of these positions don’t matter too much (like Kickers) but figured it would be fun to try. 

Of course, we won’t have official height and weight measurements until after this article releases, so feel free to adjust these predictions if those weights fluctuate away from what we have listed. Size is a big factor, and that is why RAS will always rein supreme at the end of the day. I also included injured players who likely won’t run, just to keep consistent.

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Here they are! The defense and special teams 40-yard dash PREDICTIONS for the Combine.




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