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Breaking Down The NFL Combine: Night Three


Night Three of the NFL Combine was filled with one of the best parts of the 2022 Draft class: The Front Seven. Storylines continued to emerge as each set ran and went through Combine drills. Here is what happened.


Just…Jordan Davis

Georgia DL Jordan Davis came into the Combine with questions. Is he only a run stuffer? How many snaps can he play in the NFL. Coming in at 6’6 ⅜ at 341 pounds, he would have to prove he could be more than a 2 down player. Then, he ran the 40 yard dash.

Davis’ 4.78 official 40 time (with an unofficial 1.68 10-yard split) broke the metrics. The largest player to run a 4.78 at the Combine from 2006 until now? 310 pounds. Davis is in a world of his own and was very impressive with his drill movements. These testing numbers add new potential to his game. Even without being used as a pass rusher, Davis clearly has the talent to do it and learn it. If interviews go well, Top 10 is a possibility and he likely becomes a Top 20 lock.


More Athletic Big Men

Davis’ teammate Devonte Wyatt had eye popping numbers himself. Wyatt ran a 4.77 40 time at 6’3, 304 pounds with a 1.66 10-yard split. His get off was impressive and also proved that he belongs in the first round conversation as a complete lineman who can play inside or on the edge.

Oklahoma DL Perrion Winfrey also got in on it. After a great Senior Bowl week, he came in at 6’4 290 pounds hitting a 4.89 40 time and a 1.68 10-yard split. Even breaking his necklace on the run, Winfrey continues turning heads.

UConn’s Travis Jones had a quietly incredible Combine. At 6’4 ⅜ and 325 pounds, Jones gives off NT size with rare pass rush ability. His 4.92 40 time with a 1.76 10-yard split is unreal and had solid explosive numbers with a 28.5 vertical and 9’2 Broad. He will be a first round consideration after great play and movement skills.


Thibodeaux vs. Hutchinson vs…Travon Walker?

Everyone was looking at Oregon EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux and Michigan EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, but Georgia’s Travon Walker may have entered the conversation right with them.

Walker came in at 6’5, 272 pounds. Walker’s 36.5 Vertical and 10’3 Broad Jump (same as Ohio State WR Garrett Wilson,) is incredible. But, he also lit up the 40 at 4.51 with a 1.61 10-yard split.

Compare that 272 pound 4.51 to Thibodeaux’s 4.58 at 254 pounds and Hutchinson’s 4.74 at 260 pounds. The 40 isn’t everything, but Walker is a big athletic man with production, so he enters the Top 5 conversation.

Hutchinson wasn’t going to be outdone though. His 6.73 Cone Time was beyond elite (the best ever for an EDGE rusher in Combine history). The quickness is crazy. Thibodeaux had great explosion numbers too. All three of these EDGE players are amazing and could go in the top 7 or so.

We also had the fastest Defensive End 40 EVER with Virginia Tech’s Amare Barno running a blazing 4.37!

Minnesota’s Boye Mafe deserves a mention too. Working out as a LB, he aced the drills at 6’4 261 pounds. A 38’ Vertical with a blazing 4.53 40 time is unreal for his size. Even if he lines up with his hand in the dirt at DE, it is still an excellent Combine with some unreal speed and athleticism.


Linebackers flash in drills

The LBs were also showing crazy athleticism. The first 40 yard dash? Montana’s Troy Andersen with a 4.42 40. Which then was matched by Alabama’s Christian Harris. Utah’s Devin Lloyd came in at a solid 4.66, but it looked much worse next to some amazing 4.4s and low 4.5s littered throughout the group. 

The drills really helped illustrate the depth of this class. Nice fluid movements from the top LBs, but even players like Chad Muma from Wyoming (whose 10’9 Broad Jump was at the top of the charts) looked good. Georgia’s Channing Tindall had some monster numbers before great explosion in the drills, as did teammate Quay Walker. Wisconsin’s Leo Chenal (and his 40” Vertical) and Penn State’s Brandon Smith deserve a mention too.


Only A Few Disappointments

As the EDGE class continued to soar, South Carolina’s Kingsley Enagbare put up pretty average numbers. At 6’3 ¾ and 258 pounds, Enagbare had to flash top tier athletic ability. After a good 36.5” Vertical, Enagbare’s 40 time was mediocre at 4.87. If his 1.72 10-yard split is to be believed, that is pretty average. Day 2, and maybe even Round 3, look to be in the cards for Enagbare. 

Cincinnati EDGE Myjai Sanders had a unique situation. He had a devastating flu for the past few days causing him to not keep food down and lose a ton of weight. Down to 228 pounds, he still tried to go out and compete. He actually didn’t do poorly running a 4.67 40 yard dash with a great 10’ Broad Jump. But, he will have to show he can get his weight back up to snuff and still have elite speed to stick in that 2nd Day.


Biggest Night 3 Combine Stock Up


    1. Jordan Davis, DL, Georgia
    2. Devonte Wyatt, DL, Georgia
    3. Boye Mafe, EDGE, Minnesota
    4. Amare Barno, Virginia Tech
    5. Troy Andersen, LB, Montana
    6. Chad Muma, LB, Wyoming
    7. Arnold Ebiketie, EDGE, Penn State
    8. Dominique Robinson, EDGE, Miami (OH)
    9. Channing Tindall, LB, Georgia
    10. Leo Chenal, LB, Wisconsin

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