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NFL Combine Recap: Who Lost Money

NFL Combine Recap, Players Who Lost Money

There are always FAR more winners than losers from the NFL Combine. Brian and I have written our daily NFL Combine Recap which you can check out on the Combine page, and we hit on some of the poor workouts that took place. But, on top of just the numbers, the drills themselves are very telling about players and how they will compare in certain aspects at the NFL level. All of these were taken into account for the list below.

These players could still be selected highly, but likely lost placement within their position or hurt their team fit with the workout. Attached to each is there Relative Athletic Score Card from Kent Lee Platte. For more of an NFL Combine recap, check out Kent’s work.


Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon

Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame

The RB position had plenty of winners like Trey Benson and even Blake Corum (who aced the field drills) but there were a few who faltered in their workouts.

Irving was a dynamic receiving back for Oregon, but he certainly didn’t show that dynamic athleticism at the Combine. He is under 200 pounds, which is fine if you are really athletic, but Irving simply wasn’t. Not only was a 4.55 40 time not good enough for a player of his size, but whiffing on the Vertical and Broad are pretty egregious. He did have a great 10-yard split though, which may tune in some of that explosiveness. 

Estime’s RAS looks good in the graphic below! He came in at a massive 221 pounds, but a 4.72 40 time is just awful. There was no reason to run if he wasn’t going to get into the mid 4.6s. The Vertical and Broad were great, so Estime can still be a good player, but there is a capped upside without that home run hitting.

If Irving does the Shuttle/3-Cone at his Pro Day and they are great, maybe we are talking about a Kyren Williams situation. Estime will likely improve his numbers at his Pro day himself. But, both are out of the Day 2 conversation and enter the pool of a large swath of RBs on Day 3.



Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

We had the fastest Combine WR group in NFL history per Scott Barrett of Fantasy Points (despite Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers not running).  

There weren’t many WRs who REALLY lost money in term of their workout, but Franklin had a nightmare of his drill work.

The gauntlet drill was a MESS

Perhaps he is just a deep threat and the projection for more is questionable. The rest of Franklin’s drills weren’t smooth in the route tree either.

This wouldn’t be a HUGE deal, but the rest of the WR class was monstrous. When competing with Adonai Mitchell of Texas, Franklin is simply lagging behind. Round 1 is likely out of the question and now Franklin will have to hope for Round 2 capital.



Trey Knox, TE, South Carolina

I haven’t been the biggest fan throughout the process of Knox, but the one thing we were banking on was his athleticism. He simply didn’t have it here, nor did the drills look particularly great. He didn’t run the 40, so the RAS is likely to get better after his Pro Days, but I doubt it is by much. 

Knox wasn’t a top TE by any means, but he had some strong backers and was potentially looking at getting his name called early on Day 3. Now, being drafted is out of the question when this is how he is comparing to other Day 3 TEs like Illinois’ Tip Reimann



Andrew Raym, iOL, Oklahoma

It was a struggle to find any Top 100 type offensive lineman who hurt themselves. Not only was this a HIGHLY athletic group, but the drill section was a master class of footwork and technique of all the top linemen. This is a seriously good class.

Unfortunately, Raym is the one who disappointed in almost every way. Not only was his workout poor, but Raym looked more sluggish in the drills than other potential interior lineman. 

This may not matter too much, as Center is the one position that doesn’t correlate to definitive NFL success, but Raym likely lost hold of any Top 100 hope, especially when compared to his competition like Kansas’ Dominick Puni.



Javon Solomon, DE, Troy

Austin Booker, DE, Kansas

The defensive line was another difficult position to find players who lost money, but there was lots of hype for Day 2 potential EDGE rushers in Solomon and Booker to really blow up the Combine. Both are athletic, it shows up on film, but they didn’t quite hit the heights of the rest of the group.

This may push Solomon and Booker, who were on the Top 100 edge, out of Day 2. But, I’d still expect them to be early Day 3 picks.



Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB, Missouri

Kalen King, CB, Penn State

Rakestraw is a highly touted corner who was barely thrown at in the SEC this season, but if he wanted to rise to Round 1 capital, he needed a big workout. It was an okay day for Rakestraw, who did look good in the drills and back pedal, but not spectacular. We are likely talking more Round 2-3.

King on the other hand has been on a downward spiral all season with his play. His athleticism was the fallback argument when he played poorly, but the Combine did him no favors. Now, King will be lucky to be drafted beyond a late round flier.



Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami (FL)

James Williams, S/LB, Miami (FL)


The Miami safeties got hit hard by the Combine. 

Kinchens was in contention to be a top safety and was even being touted a first round pick in some mock drafts. But, he had one of the worst workouts in Indy, which is very concerning. 

Kinchens is still a good player and likely still finds his way into Day 2, which would be telling that he can overcome the bad workout. But many teams want very athletic safeties, and this simply isn’t it.

Williams on the other hand is coming out as a very raw player who has more rested on his reputation of being big and fast. With a potential move to LB on the horizon, a great workout was required. He also fell very short and likely tumbles to late Day 3 now. 


NFL Combine Recap, Players who lost money

There is your NFL Combine recap for the players who lost the most during the NFL Combine. Be sure to follow more of our coverage leading up to the draft, including all of our scouting reports. Also think of next year for the NFL Combine recap then!


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