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NFL Scouting Combine: QB, RB, and WR Stock Up & Stock Down

Isaac Guerendo, NFL Combine Stock Up

The skill positions got to take off and Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. And it was a show. I will outline my NFL Combine QB, RB, and WR Stock Up & Stock Down. If you want to see the full results, check them out at Draft Countdown’s Combine Results page  


NFL Combine Stock Up

Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville

When a RB comes in at 221 pounds, there is no way they run in the 4.3s. Despite Guerendo’s track background, I didn’t see a 4.33 40 time coming. Brian was right on The Draft Countdown Podcast for pounding the table on Guerendo’s Combine. Not only did he kill the 40, but his splits, Vertical, and Broad jump were all in the 96th percentile or higher. He zooms up as a potential 4th or 5th round pick, and I need to go back to the tape.


Adonai Mitchell, WR, Texas

Measuring in at 6’2 and 205 pounds at the Combine was the first step for the athletic Mitchell to have a dream workout to push him into the first round. And he did. 4.34 40 time, 39.5 Vertical and an eye popping 11’04” Broad were off the charts. He also looked a lot more polished than I expected in the drills. The only thing holding back Mitchell’s profile is his lack of production, but he will move up my rankings as firmly in the first round.


Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU

Thomas was likely locked into the 4th WR off the board in the draft before the Combine, but he solidified that position AND probably moved himself up some spots in the first round. At nearly 6’3 and 209 pounds, he ran a 4.33 and excelled in the Vertical and Broad. Thomas’ inexperience gives him an intriguing upside with his production this year. 


J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

McCarthy was the best QB who threw at the Combine and it showed. His compact and quick release was on display along with consistent footwork. The drive he got off of his front leg was evident and the ball zipped out better than the other QBs. He also had the best 3-Cone time for a QB since 2018 at a 6.82.


Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee

Wright was expected to be fast, but he ZOOMED at the Combine. A certified athletic freak, Wright puts himself in the top 5 RBs in the draft with his Combine work. At 5’10 ½ and 210 pounds, Wright ran a 4.38 and also has an 99.6 percentile 11’02” broad jump. He also looked sharp in the RB drills with good quick feet and nice change of direction. I also was impressed with Wright’s receiving drills. The arrow is pointing up.


Trey Benson, RB, Florida State

Benson put himself definitively in the top 2 of RBs who will be taken in the draft through his work at the Combine. One of the smoothest runners in the drills (with great hands to boot,) Benson also killed the workout portion. He ran a 4.39 (faster than I expected). He also has a great Broad Jump. The only hiccup was his Vertical, but the fast 40 time and splits show enough explosion for Benson to be a Day 2 pick. 


Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia

The Cooper Kupp comparisons can stop because McConkey blew Kupp’s 40 time out of the water. His 4.39 40 time was unexpected and created a ton of buzz. Even more than that, McConkey’s footwork in the gauntlet and other WR drills was impeccable. He can play numerous positions on an offense, and the stock is up, even potentially to the first round.


Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan

Another lesser name on the list, Johnson showed how underutilized he was at Michigan. At nearly 6’3 and 212 pounds, Johnson ran a 4.44 40 time. He also excelled at the other drills and looked like a long gazelle running around in the drills. Stock is up to an early Day 3 pick.


NFL Combine Stock Cemented


Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

We knew Worthy was FAST fast. But breaking the Combine 40 time record with a 4.21 is headline news that cements you in the first round. I’ve had Worthy in the first round for 80% of my mock drafts, and am sorry that I started dropping him. Can’t see Worthy making it past the Chiefs at 32.


Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State

I’m not a Wilson guy, but it was a solid outing for the 6’6 ⅜, and 231 pound WR. He ran a good 4.52 40 time, and still ranked highly in the other drills. I still have Wilson squarely in Day 3, but early.


Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

Odunze did what was expected. Measured in nearly at 6’3 and 212 pounds. Ran a 4.45. Yup, check the boxes, he is WR3 with a shot at the Top 10.


Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina

Legette worked out better than expected at 6’1 and 221 pounds. A 4.39 is a crazy time for the heaviest WR at the Combine. Add in a 95th percentile Vertical and the athleticism upside was shown. But, is his stock really up? Legette isn’t cracking the first round and was already viewed as a solid Round 2 pick. He cemented that now.


NFL Combine Stock Down


Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame

Estime is a power back who weighed in at 221 pounds. He was expected to be in the low 4.6s for his 40 time, maybe even could move up to RB1 territory if he got in the 4.5s. Instead, Estime sank with a 4.71 40 time. It is disappointing for a player who had such production this year. Even with excellent Vertical and Broad jumps, Estime is back to the Day 3 category for the draft.


Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State

A deep threat that runs a 4.61 is not ideal. Coleman is big at over 6’3 and 213 pounds. His 10-yard split was very good even with the bad 40 time at a 1.54, so he can get off the line. His other drills? Great. But this pushes him out of the first round conversation. Too many questions, so take a shot on Day 2.


Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon

Irving was going to be on the small side at 5’9 and 192 pounds. But a 4.55 40 time at that size doesn’t cut it. He also flopped on the Vertical and Broad, so it was fairly disastrous. The saving grace was Irving’s 1.54 10-yard split which shows his explosion. It doesn’t kill Irving, but we may be looking more at early Day 3 than Round 3.


Other Notes


Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin looked natural catching the football, a big check for me. He had a few drops early, but came back and looked fairly good after that. The Combine drills are a GREAT way to assess receiving ability for RBs, and Allen falls into what I saw with another Wisconsin RB, Melvin Gordon. Better than the offense used him for. 


Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon is a favorite of mine, but his drills were pretty bad. The gauntlet was sluggish and way off the straight line. He didn’t look like he could run some of the shorter routes, ins, or outs. Is Franklin only a deep threat?


Blake Corum, RB, Michigan came in at only 5’7 ¾ at 205 pounds, then ran a 4.53. Not a great look, but his drills were incredible to watch. The footwork is crazy good.


-Small School players showed up. Ryan Flournoy, WR, SE Missouri. Jalen Coker, WR, Holy Cross. Isaiah Davis, RB, South Dakota State all had Green RAS cards. Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire and Jaden Shirden, RB, Monmouth had Yellow RAS themselves.


Caleb Williams, QB, Southern Cal came in over 6’1. Plus for him, not that he needed it.


Malik Nabers, WR, LSU decided not to weight in at the Combine. Which is strange. Not sure what he was hiding. Maybe a weight issue? But, too light of a weight wouldn’t have hurt him. I guess we will see at the Pro Day.


Joe Milton III, QB, Tennessee has a big arm. We knew it, we saw it, and someone will overdraft him.


Kedon Slovis, QB, BYU came in with a 9.84 RAS running a 4.55. That’s wild for a guy who couldn’t run for positive yardage to save his life in college.


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