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Garrett Wilson, NFL Combine

Odds for the NFL combine vary wildly between sports books, and most were just added recently. I’ve found my favorites over at Draft Kings Sportsbook, so sign up and deposit to grab these bets. All have a little bit of juice on them, but seem like easy moneymakers. 

It seems most sportsbooks scaled back their Combine bets this year (and keep doing so every year) since it is easy to take advantage. Usually, the Combine (and Draft) fund my betting for the year, so let’s make some money!

Now, I am not a professional gambler, so there is plenty of risk following me here, so those making a living on this will probably be much more accurate. But, I fancy myself an NFL Draft expert who can have a slight edge here.


6 Units:  Garrett Wilson Slower than 4.42 (-130)

My initial prediction had Wilson at a 4.41, but I was off. Today, Wilson said he was hoping to come in faster than 4.55 and some are projecting him there. He is definitely faster than that, but would be an odd connection to make if he was going to run a 4.41 or faster. Even with -130 juice, I’m dumping it all in here. 


2 Units: Fastest 40 faster than 4.29 (-160)

I have Baylor’s Kalon Barnes hitting the mid-4.2s, but plenty of players could get into the 4.2s (Tariq Woolen, Calvin Austin III, etc). I don’t think anyone breaks the Combine record, but hitting 4.25-4.28 seems very doable this year. The -160 gives me some pause, but the Combine is about making the sure bets and getting what you can.


1 Unit: Jahan Dotson Slower than 4.33 (-135)

Dotson could compete for the fastest 40 time, he is very fast. But, 4.33 seems a tad too fast for me. I expect 4.34-4.36. So, it is close, thus only one unit, but it would be nice to have a little juice here.


There it is, a quick 3 bets to make on the NFL Combine and make some money!  Tweet me other favorites you have @ShanePHallam


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