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Postseason NFL Haikus

I had a random thought one morning as I was taking a long walk and football thoughts were pumping through my brainwaves. I write many articles of predictions, previews, reactions, and rankings but have never interlaced my love of creative writing with my sports journalism; hence, when the idea to write 32 NFL haikus about each team was conceived.

This is all meant to be in good humor, but still attempts to address the key pieces/thoughts of each franchise. Take a peek!

Postseason NFL Haikus


Hey Kyler Murray

‘Did you have fire in your gut?’

Confusing ass team


Ridder? L-O-L

Goodnight, Sweet Prince (Arthur Smith)

Bijan gets ball more?

Sports Illustrated

Ravens should be fine

They have the MVP, but

Many free agents


Everyone hug Josh

One day you might beat the Chiefs

When it matters most


You passed on C.J.

You angry, David?

Here, chuck this beer can

The Washington Post

What are we doing?

Justin Fields or Caleb Dub?

I guess we shall see


Burrow will return

There is no S in Burrow

Tough North division


Defense is so great

Which Watson returns this year?

Stefanski legit


Nine lives McCarthy

Can Dak get over the hump?

Each year, same story

The Pantagraph

Russ benched? Dub T F

Broncos country ain’t ridin’

Payton’s a bad boy


Kneecap biting time

They will give the North trouble

For many years, huh?

Green Bay:

Pack did it again

Jordan Love is really HIM

No more Barry stress


Nailed the QB pick

Build up around Stroud a bit

This team will be back


A-Rich will bounce back

Need a solid draft this year

Is Steichen the guy?


Bummer year for sure

What is their identity?

Trevor should bounce back

Kansas City:

Dynasty brewing

Patrick Mahomes is the GOAT

Argue with a wall

Las Vegas:

Pierce named the Head Coach

Def. the best decision, but

Not the Raiders way

Los Angeles Chargers:

Poor Justin Herbert

Will Harbaugh be the answer?

Staley hangover? 

Los Angeles Rams:

Stafford isn’t young

McVay will find a way, though

Reload that defense


Injury-plagued year

Let’s see how they can rebound

Weaver: solid hire


Cousins, yes or no?

Vikings reek of a rebuild

Uncertain future?

New York Times
New England:

New era for Pats
Mayo is the captain now

Which QB gets picked?

New Orleans:

Aging roster, but

Face palm Derek Carr, ha ha

Weapons galore, though

New York Giants:

What happened Giants?

Oh, DJ was overpaid

How do they rebuild?

New York Jets:

Bummer season, right?

Rodgers is not a GM

Be smarter, Douglas


Drama in Philly?

Get your team in line, Nick S.

The talent is there


Tomlin is a stud

Kenny isn’t the answer

Make a move, Rooney

 San Francisco:

Shanny, first things first

Let’s study the rules, dude

Niner gang depressed

USA Today

Macdonald era

Geno didn’t write back, man

And now he will stay

 Tampa Bay:

Keeping Mike Evans?

I shouldn’t have doubted Bowles

Baker’s gotta stay


Quarterback troubles

What’s up with Vrabel fired?

Big dumpster fire


Sticking with Howell?

Or will Dan Quinn spring for Maye?

So many questions

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