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Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets

Super Bowl Props

It’s the day of the Super Bowl!  As usual, Sportsbooks make a killing with various player props and even weird prop bets that can be bet during the game. Here are my Top Ten prop bets ranging from the football related to the absurd. As always, check multiple Sportsbooks to get the best juice or numbers.  


Tee Higgins Over 68.5 receiving yards (-115)

My smash is Higgins over for receiving yards in this one. With an expectation of Jalen Ramsey covering Ja’Marr Chase, Higgins will get 1-on-1s throughout the Super Bowl and is an extremely talented target. One of two downfield passes could get him to 70 yards quickly, especially if the Rams get up early. 


Cam Akers Under 16.5 rushing attempts (-120)

The Bengals defense has been predicated on forcing teams to throw the football on them. They give some outside cushions and tighten up in the red zone. With an emphasis on stopping the run from the defense, Sean McVay will likely take the opportunity for quick passes to move down the field with Matthew Stafford and the Rams’ weapons. Not only that, but Sony Michel should get a little bit of run, plus the Rams will go with some WR reverses/carries. Expect Akers in the 12-14 carry range.      


Cooper Kupp Anytime TD (-165)

It is a lot to give up, but Kupp has scored a TD in every playoff game so far and the Rams should keep on passing. Kupp’s year is nothing short of amazing and it keeps on rolling, even as teams know he is getting the ball. Kupp’s after the catch ability should also give him the opportunity for a big play TD. I may even sprinkle a little on Kupp as the First TD at +550.


Will the Opening Kickoff be a touchback? No +130

A few factors to take the extra juice for a No on a touchback. First, the opening kickoff has a “special” ball in the Super Bowl and it seems to be fairly sleek and not worked on. We’ve seen the last two opening kickoffs in Super Bowls not be a touchback. There is also some nerves there for the kicker and for the returner, so more likely to take it out or kick a little short. I’ll try it out.


Either Team Scores a Safety? Yes (+750)

It’s a longshot, but the Rams have a solid Punter and a good pass rush, so it is possible they can find a safety in there. Maybe even the Bengals get hot and Stafford makes a mistake. Safeties are fairly rare, but with the pressure of a Super Bowl, being backed up into the end zone can be difficult. With some good defensive fronts, it is worth a shot. 


Will the Game Be Tied Again after 0-0: Yes (-120)

Most of us are expecting a close game and match-up. With both kickers being pretty solid, there is a good shot the teams trade blows (or at least Field Goals) at some point and get tied again early in the game. We have seen the Bengals and Rams play close in all of their playoff games so far, so this shouldn’t be any different. Heck, an Overtime game is even possible. I’m all in on this one.  


Coin Toss: Heads (-103)

The ultimate 50/50 bet, Heads is trailing Tails all-time in the Super Bowl 26 to 29. Heads will keep making up ground here, so expect Tails to actually fail.


National Anthem Over 95 seconds (-120)

This is my favorite bet every year. The singers who sing the National Anthem get a chance to showcase their voices on a national stage, so they will take their time in the spotlight. I don’t know much about Mickey Guyton, but there is little doubt in my mind 95 seconds can be an easy over. The last 6 Super Bowl National Anthems have gone over, so if I miss one, I won’t be too hurt, but this is a clear bet.


Who will perform first in the halftime show? Snoop Dogg +355

This might be the most wild prop bet. Snoop Dogg feels the most iconic from a national standpoint to get a nice pop from the crowd, even if he does a short intro to the main course of the halftime show, I could see it. With this being juiced up, it is worth a shot. I may even sprinkle a little on Dr. Dre as well in case they want to come hot with California Love right out of the gate.


Gatorade Color: Orange +200

The Gatorade bath is a right of passage one of these coaches will take for the first time. We have seen Gatorade color reflect the team colors often (i.e. the Patriots go Blue, Broncos Orange) so I expect the Bengals to have Orange out there. It is feasible the Rams could go Orange as well with it benign the favorite. I’m not opposed to sprinkling a little on Orange and Blue to hit it right on. Whoever wins, it will be their first Super Bowl in a long time, so I expect a Gatorade bath to happen!


What do you think? What wild prop bets are you going to hit on for this Super Bowl?

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