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Tight Ends Ball Out On Their Special Day

Travis Kelce

In case you didn’t hear it enough last Sunday: it was National Tight Ends Day. A day coined in 2019 by San Francisco Tight End George Kittle. For five teams, their respective big guys really impacted some significant match-ups. Let’s rank the best performances in week seven!

Tight Ends Ball Out On Their Special Day

5. TJ Hockenson, Minnesota Vikings

TJ Hockenson Week 7 Stats

In a Monday Night matchup (technically a day after National TE Day, but we’ll count it) against the dreaded 49ers D, Kirk Cousins and friends made things look easy. Even without the 2022 Offensive Player of the Year, Justin Jefferson, Cousins could engage guys like Hockenson and rookie Jordan Addison.  

It was a total team effort as the offensive line didn’t allow a single sack on Cousins, but having a veteran presence like Hock as a security blanket certainly did wonders and contributed to a needed Vikings dub.

4. Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas Goedert Week 7 Stats

After a slow start to the season as far as pass-catching goes, Goedert has once again found his place in the Philadelphia offense. His performance on National Tight Ends Day was spectacular against the Miami Dolphins. Led by QB Jalen Hurts and an elite offensive line, this unit needed to get the wheels turning-and turn they did.

Goedert’s lack of stats through the first four games was not due to a lack of talent. He is vital to the Eagles’ blocking efforts. Since the Eagles played the Rams on October 8, Goedert has found his stride and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

3. Darren Waller, New York Giants

Darren Waller Week 7 Stats

Fantasy managers and the New York Giants, alike, were surprised the Pro Bowl Tight End hadn’t made a more immediate impact. Week seven had other plans for the former Las Vegas Raider as he finally showed his upside. In a tight divisional matchup against the Washington Commanders, backup QB Tyrod Taylor found the hands of Waller seven times. He hauled in nearly 100 yards and found his way to the endzone which ensured a much-needed victory.

2. Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews Week 7 Stats

It’s not breaking news that Lamar Jackson’s favorite target is still Mark Andrews, but I’m here to remind you anyway. Jackson and Andrews were completely in lockstep during their routing of the Detroit Lions. This was the Tight End’s fourth game over 60 receiving yards and he also cashed in two scores. Having a reliable guy like Andrews is invaluable as receivers have had a significant case of the drops.

  1. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce Week 7 Stats

Surprise, surprise! It’s the NFL’s darling in the top spot. Year after year, Travis Kelce remains in that TE1 position, and for good reason. Whether or not he’s showing off for Taylor Swift is up for debate, but he accounted for nearly 200 yards and two scores against division foe Los Angeles. He has 220 more yards than any other pass-catcher on the Chiefs (that’s with missing the season opener), making him arguably the MVP on this team, maybe besides the guy throwing to him.

It’s no coincidence that all five of these TE’s were on the winning end of those week seven games. We have seen solid tight end performances breathe life into offenses-especially as your more fragile pass-catchers are sidelined from injury. The value of a bigger pass-catcher who can aid in blocking, but also run routes is proving to be precious to elite football programs.

Which tight ends are you expecting to break out in the second half of the season? Let us know on X @DraftCountdown!

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