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Zany Stats and Highlights After Week 3

Zany Dolphins Butt Punt

If I was left to it, I could talk about football for hours and hours on end.  However, a lot of you want to get down to the cold hard stats! Continuing with a dramatic opening month, some zany stats and highlights from Week three are a great conversation piece for the breakroom!

Zany Stats Through Week Three:

  • Titans have been outscored 57-7 after halftime in each game of the 2022 season so far.
    • This is not a stat any organization will tolerate in the NFL but does sort of track given the Titans’ rocky 1-2 to the 2022 season.
  • Geno Smith is 10th in QBR this season and Russell Wilson is 21st.
    • With Wilson’s monstrous off-season deal that was near a quarter of a billion dollars, everyone was expecting a much different Denver offense. Albeit early, things just don’t seem to be clicking and Russ isn’t “cooking” like he once did in Seahawk country.
  • Only 2 QB’s to start 0-9 on the road and that is T Law and Peyton Manning. Manning and Lawrence both got their first road win on week 3 versus the Chargers.
    • Okay, so this stat was just incredibly awesome and interesting! The former Clemson star QB can only hope to mirror more of Peyton Manning’s career stats!
  • Lamar Jackson rolling at MVP speed and just awaiting his giant payday.
    • First in passing TD’s
    • First in passer rating
    • Third in rushing yards
  • This was the second time a score of 11-10 ended a game (Broncos won over SF).
    • The SNF matchup was a painful one to watch, but is it better than a blowout win? Discuss!
  • Jags have won back-to-back games by 20+ points for the first time since 2000.
  • Mahomes is 45-2 against teams that score less than 26 points. Both losses are to the Colts.
  • Baker Mayfield completed only 12/25 passes in his week three win over the Saints. He has completed 52% of his passes through three games which is his lowest to ever start a season.


Outlined below are some general highlights that caught our attention. With so much action this early in the season, we can only imagine November football and beyond.

  • Raiders are the only 0-3 team in the NFL
  • Dolphins and Eagles are the only undefeated teams
  • In-game gaffes:
    • There was an amusing ‘butt-punt’ by Dolphins punter Morstead which took over the internet as the newest meme format.
    • While trying to buy some time for a desperate throw, Niners’ Jimmy G walked right out of the back of the endzone to go for a pass resulting in a safety. This may not have been better news for anyone than Dan Orlovsky who was remembered for his infamous, similar miscue in 2008 when playing for the winless Detroit Lions.
  • League is conducting a review of concussion protocols following Tua Tagovailoa’s return after a big hit which resulted in his inability to walk straight.


It is not easy to watch nor relive, but there were a bunch of unfortunate injuries to note from across the league.  See below for latest updates and designations before our fourth week kicks off Thursday.

  • Los Angeles (Charges) LT Rashawn Slater
    • Ruptured bicep
    • Out for season
  • Chicago RB David Montgomery
    • Knee/ankle
    • Day-to-day
  • Detroit RB Deandre Swift
    • Ankle/shoulder
    • Questionable, but Head Coach Campbell says we could see Swift out until after their week 6 bye
  • New England QB Mac Jones
    • High ankle sprain
    • Potential surgery and a very likely chance to see Jones on IR
  • Los Angeles (Chargers) LB Joey Bosa
    • Groin
    • Undetermined amount of time
  • New York (Giants) WR Sterling Shepard
    • Torn ACL
    • Out for season
  • San Francisco Tackle Trent Williams
    • High ankle sprain
    • Will miss 4-6 weeks

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