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2023 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 (Brad)

NFL Mock Draft

We are hot and heavy in draft season and in turn mock draft season. This is my last mock draft before free agency and in turn, I expect free agency to cause this to look significantly different next time around. 

Going into this mock, I asked myself a few questions. First, what if Anthony Richardson goes into the top 10? I personally just don’t see a team doing that today, as he is super talented but super risky this early. Which team is willing to take a swing and potentially miss on him? Second, who did Carolina give all that up to go after? CJ Stroud has a great set of tools, almost everything you could ask for in your top pick. 

After that, I asked myself how it would shake up the rest of the top 10 and beyond. I don’t see it really sending too many ripples, as both Carolina and Chicago had enough major needs to address but it seemed to hurt Will Anderson Jr the most. 

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2023 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 (Brad)

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