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2024 7-Round Mock Draft (Rounds 1-3) (Shane) 3.0

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This type of mock draft is really more of an exercise than an actual prediction. Before the 2023 declaration deadline, it is near impossible to know exactly how many eligible players will go back to school. We do have some players who are transferring or have stated they will return, so they are included, but many still need full evaluations for me. I try to piece together a 2024 mock draft. A few caveats:

  • This is ONLY 2nd year players (from the 2021 recruiting class) and players who have publicly stated that will play college football next year
  • Mock Draft order is randomized tiers of the current NFL Draft order
  • What teams may do in 2023 is basically ignored (in terms of needs, FA, draft, etc)
  • Many of these players have barely (or not even) played. I utilize this mock draft to see when positions fall off when effective players to ineffective players to players who haven’t played (but were top high school recruits)


I’ll be tweeting about my mock draft, fantasy football, and the NFL Draft for the totality of the football year @ShanePHallam as well as @Draftcountdown




See Round 4-7

2023 Mock Draft (Rounds 1-3)

See Round 4-7

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