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2024 7-Round Mock Draft (Rounds 1-3) (Shane) 4.0

Marvin Harrison, Mock Draft

As everyone gears up for the 2023 NFL Draft, it can be helpful to look ahead to 2024 with a mock draft. What positions will be strong? Should you pass on a player in 2023 for a better one in 2024? Who returned to school and is in position to help themselves? It can help with college football and NFL Draft analysis.

For this draft, I used the 2023 draft order and decided to ignore the 2023 offseason in general. Essentially, giving teams their current team needs. That being said, this mock draft is about the players. Slotting players into rounds for the mock draft was my main focus rather than building teams. 

I’ll be tweeting about my mock draft, fantasy football, and the NFL Draft for the totality of the football year @ShanePHallam as well as @Draftcountdown




See Round 4-7

2023 Mock Draft (Rounds 1-3)

See Round 4-7

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