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2025 3-Round Mock Draft (Shane)

Nick Singleton, RB, Mock Draft

As the 2022 college season rolls along, some true freshman are emerging as legitimate talents. Many are already flashing NFL potential. A 2025 mock draft is the best way for me to organize my thoughts, see values, and what players to focus in on. This 2025 class has some good skill players (The RBs are insanely talented) and some defenders with upside. Most of the players have played and flashed potential while a few are holdovers I watched in high school and have not  

 Soon my rankings will be updated for 2023, 2024 and 2025!

I’ll be tweeting about my mock draft, fantasy football, and the NFL Draft over the summer @ShanePHallam as well as @Draftcountdown



2025 Mock Draft



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