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2026 Mock Draft 7 Rounds (Shane Hallam)

Arch Manning, 2026 mock draft

It’s never too early to look ahead to the 2026 Mock Draft 7 rounds! The 2024 draft is in the books and now eyes shift to future years and see who can emerge. After extensive filmwork on all of these players, I’ve developed my 2026 Mock Draft rounds complete. 

It is obviously extremely early for a 2026 mock draft, but this could help with some names to keep an eye on this year, and what positions may end up strong.

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I’ll be tweeting about my mock draft, fantasy football, and the NFL Draft for the totality of the football year @ShanePHallam as well as @Draftcountdown

Take these with a grain of salt. Some players haven’t played much yet but were great high school players who will get a chance this season. Let me know any other names I should consider. This is ALL underclassmen who would have to declare early after 3 years of HS to be in the draft.



2026 Mock Draft

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Follow Shane on twitter @ShanePHallam for more Mock Drafts including future 2025, 2026, 2027 and other mock drafts as time goes on. If you like rankings, mock drafts, and NFL Draft podcasts, Draft Countdown is the place to be. Always 7 round mock drafts 2025 or 2026. With the WR boom happening, you never know how it will go! 


With the NFL Draft in Green Bay next year, it will be intriguing to see what prospects go at the top. The poor QB class will need to show they can be franchise players to be drafted at the top of the first round.

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