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Green Bay Packers 2023 Mock Draft

e have wrapped up and put a bow on the 2022 Green Bay Packers season It is now time to start prepping for April! As a lifelong Packers fan, I am going to outline my mock draft for Green Bay.

While there are PLENTY of trade scenarios orbiting Aaron Rodgers (New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders most notably), I am going to pretend that he stays in Green Bay while I make these selections in order to avoid going down the what-if rabbit hole. Take a peek and feel free to chat with me on Twitter @MirdaSheWrote!

Green Bay Packers 2023 Mock Draft

1-15: S Brian Branch, Alabama

2-45: TE Darnell Washington, Georgia

3-78: WR Rashee Rice, SMU

4-116: C Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin

5-146: DT Zachh Pickens, South Carolina

7-201: EDGE Yaya Diaby, Louisville

7-210: CB Chamarri Conner, Virginia Tech

7-216: FB Hunter Luepke, NDSU

My initial focus is taking the best available player and that would be Defensive Back Brian Branch out of SEC powerhouse Alabama. Green Bay’s secondary took a bit of a nosedive this past season with subpar play from guys like Darnell Savage and Adrian Amos.


Next, Green Bay needs to focus on a big-bodied, athletic pass-catcher. One who can also help with blocking at the line. That is where TE Darnell Washington comes in. In an effort to pad our passing weapons, Rashee Rice would be a great acquisition to add to our young receiving corps.

As far as our O-line goes, Josh Myers at Center is just not it. It was a rough year for the Ohio State product. But, I think the Packers need to shore that up to help whoever is slinging the ball in the new season. Enter Joe Tippmann out of Wisconsin.

Moving deeper into the draft, I selected an array of help on the defensive side of the ball between Pickens (DT), Diaby (EDGE), and Conner (CB).


To round out the draft, I would love to see Green Bay take a versatile hammer like Fullback Hunter Luepke. His fundamentals would aid our line and allow him to take a variety of snaps. Luepke is tough to bring down and can lay some devastating blocks.

Once again, I think our focus does not shift much whether it’s number 10 or 12 under center. Recent years have been quite interesting if you’re a cheesehead. But I think if we focus on a split of the offense and defense at key roles, we can only get better.

Another thing to consider is that the coaching staff is going to remain unchanged. Certain retainers have elicited some bad words out of my mouth. However, there is something to be said about consistency within the locker room and on the field.

We look forward to all of the mock drafts here at Draft Countdown and we will see you on April 27th!


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