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7 College Football Players Whose Careers Ended Too Soon

The nature of sports demands that we look forward to the prospects and champions. And makes us forget about those, whose sports careers had to make a full stop.

But let us not.

Because people who failed to become champions or long-time favorites can also have stories to tell. In this article, we assembled 7 accounts of college football stars who had to quit the game too soon.

Stanley Doughty

This South Carolina student had high expectations from his football career. The Kansas City Chiefs called him and offered a 400000-dollar contract, which was a blessing to Stanley’s family. But this young athlete had to face a hardship worse than ever. 2.4 million Americans receive a football-related spine injury every year. And Doughty became one of them. It is very easy to hurt your vertebra when player helmets collide. But the worst part is that Stanley’s doctors ignored an X-ray of his back that foretold this injury. The doctors, as well as his coaches, offered him to keep playing. Which led to a severe back injury that ended this young student’s career. 

Dante Love

A talented college footballer who played for Ball State Cardinals in the state of Indiana. Dante was a national leader in receiving yards in the year 2008. He was a star of his team and a prominent hero of college football, achieving 10 touchdowns and successfully catching 100 passes in 1398 yards. NFL was preparing to receive him as a new acquisition when the fourth game of 2008 in Indiana changed everything. Two opponent defenders made him fall, and to everyone’s shock, he couldn’t get up. Dante’s neck was broken and only a miracle saved his life. But from that moment his passion for football had to be fulfilled in the role of a coach.

Clint Trickett

Was a college football player whose career took place first in Florida and then in West Virginia. Clint studied at North Florida Christian High School in the town of Tallahassee. Studying and playing simultaneously is hard without writing services websites. But Clint was quickly recognized as a rising star and got invited to the Seminole by Florida State. Playing as a quarterback, he achieved 5300 yards and 59 touchdowns. But the game was unfair to him, and Clint was rewarded for his success with 5 concussions which led to his early retirement. And yet, he continues being a part of football as a coach.

Chris Borland

A Wisconsin college player who made it to NFL. He joined the San Francisco 49ers in 2014 as a line breaker. Chris loves the game and held his teammates in high esteem. But he was concerned with the cumulative head injuries he’s received first as a soccer player and now in football. Borland consulted specialists and his family to make a surprising decision for all his football colleagues when he announced his early retirement. His good relationships with the 49ers were the biggest con in this decision. But in the end, Chris realized, that pursuing a career that has you bang heads could make your life short and painful. Borland is one of the first NFL players to retire early.

Marcus Lattimore

Is another San Francisco 49er who had to quit the field early. He started as a college player and quickly became an all-favorite star thanks to his charm and perseverance. Lattimore was very disciplined from childhood, which is something that also makes writers of the coursework writing service so professional.

Marcus’ life dreams were all about football. But a series of knee injuries made him abandon these dreams. After a period of horrible mental torture, he accepted the fact that he should move on. From that moment Marcus becomes a beloved coach for many kids who aspire to play his favorite game.

Tyrone Prothro

Is a flanker who played for the University of Alabama starting in 2003. Football was a blessing for him in terms of free education, which is something his family struggled to get. For anyone struggling with education, essay reviewer has an array of brilliant and affordable writing services.

Tyrone loved the game and is known for the incredible feat he pulled off, which later was called The Catch. But this fame proved bitter as Prothro receives a two-bone fracture of his leg that led to 11 surgeries and the abandonment of his football career in 2005. Nevertheless, after some time Tyrone returns to sports as a coach.

Casey Cochran

Played in the offense for Connecticut and gained a redshirt. Casey’s career looked bright but lasted only 3 years before he chose to retire after another concussion on the field. It was the 13th concussion in his life, which shocks even football players who face similar injuries all the time.


These stories are dramatic because they are real. They’re about passionate people whose love for sports faced a horrid throwback. But they teach us to overcome the pain. And most of them return to football to pass their experience to players as coaches.


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