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All Eyes on Caleb Williams – What Might He Bring to the Bears Offense?


22-year-old NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams was recently traded by the Chicago Bears to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the off-season, just over one month before the NFL draft.

Let’s dive straight in and take a closer look at what Williams might have brought to the Chicago Bears offense.

Why does it matter what the Chicago Bears do at the April 2024 NFL draft?

The NFL draft for the upcoming season is scheduled to take place over three days from Thursday, 25 April, until Saturday, 27. The Chicago Bears have the first pick, and they could potentially make one of three movies, meaning the entire NFL off-season can hinge on their pick.

Exactly which free agency moves they make could dramatically alter the trajectories of the other NFL teams. Just last week, it was reported that the Bears’ three most likely options were the following:

  • The Chicago Bears could take quarterback Caleb Williams and trade quarterback Justin Fields
  • The Bears can trade the pick and hold on to Fields – the top quarterback in class
  • The Bears could have drafted Williams and kept quarterback Justin Fields

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Who is the favourite to win Super Bowl LIX

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  1. Odds-on favourites to win Super Bowl LIX: San Francisco 49ers. American/moneyline odds: +550. Fractional odds: 11/1. Decimal odds: 12.00. Implied probability rate (IPR): 15.40%
  2. Second odds-on favourites to win Super Bowl LIX: Kansas City Chiefs. American/moneyline odds: +650. Fractional odds: 13/2. Decimal odds: 7.50. Implied probability rate (IPR): 13.30%
  3. Third odds-on favourites to win Super Bowl LIX: Baltimore Ravens. American/moneyline odds: +1000. Fractional odds: 10/1. Decimal odds: 11.00. Implied probability rate (IPR): 9.10%

What could Williams bring to the Bears?

Caleb Williams is still expected to be the number-1 draft pick and is considered a generational talent, meaning Williams will improve their offensive line, and the Bears can build a team around him as they move on from Fields.

Experts have said that if the Bears are looking to build their team, the most logical option would be to draft Caleb Williams and keep Justin Fields (option 3).

This would enable them two proverbial spins on the franchise quarterback wheel of fortune, or they could allow Williams to work in the shadows until he has reached a point where he can replace fields at the start.

He was traded to the Steelers for a 2025 sixth-round draft choice, which would become a fourth-round pick if Fields plays over half (51%) of Pittsburgh’s snaps in 2024. The Bears are ready to complete and could do with a quarterback like Williams to win more games and start taking home trophies.

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