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Analyzing Draft Trends: How Positional Needs Impact Team Selections


The 2023 – 2024 NFL season was nothing short of impressive. From the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl a second time in two years to the Playoffs recording the highest viewership, there’s been plenty to enjoy. But now, the NFL Draft season is upon us! And teams are busy developing their draft boards.

The NFL Draft is the make-or-break of the 2024-2025 NFL Season. Teams seek to boost their roster, especially those with bad win-loss records. A drafting strategy that has seen its fair share of scrutiny over the years is considering positional needs. It is where teams evaluate their team needs based on previous performance statistics.

But are positional needs more important than selecting the best player available? And what role does team dynamics play when making team selections? This article examines previous NFL draft trends to understand how vital positional priorities are during the NFL draft.

Deciphering Draft Strategy: Understanding Team Needs Over Time 

For the past 100 years of the NFL, the off-season is a time for teams to review their performance. They consider their strengths and what needs improvement. Likewise, analysts and NFL enthusiasts review draft prospects’ potential value and predict the teams they might join.

After all, selecting correct picks at legal betting sites is a potentially lucrative opportunity. These sites provide competitive odds for picks and offer insights about which direction certain teams are leaning toward regarding positional needs.

But the truth is the team needs to shift over time. For instance, when the Chiefs lost to the Buccaneers in the 2022 Super Bowl, we could all see that Patrick Mahomes struggled with his defensive linemen.

But all that changed in the 2023 Super Bowl. That’s because the Chiefs invested much of their resources in the defense and offense players. As a result, even with an injured ankle, Mahomes had no trouble picking apart the opposing team’s defense. And that’s what ultimately led them to win the Super Bowl twice! 

Tracking the current team and player performance helps understand the team’s needs. Once you know where teams are lacking, it’ll be easier to determine how potential picks can help them improve. Thus, making accurate predictions during the three-day NFL Draft event will be a breeze.

Further, those hoping to get in on legal online sports betting action should also analyze previous draft picks. That’s one of the best ways to get into the team’s mind, as it often reveals their thought process.

Here’s an example: if a team has consistently picked offensive linemen in several previous drafts, it may mean they will continue investing in dominating the running game or supporting their QB. 

Positional Needs Vs. Best Player Available: Finding the Balance 

We’ve all seen it. NFL teams have difficulty choosing between a strong player and filling a particular position. It is especially true if the best player doesn’t fit that position.  

Every coach wants a team full of talented players. But, overly focusing on positional needs can cause teams to miss out on remarkable talent. On the other hand, only focusing on talent acquisition can lead to mismatched skills and unmet team requirements.

That’s why the best NFL teams find a balance between these two considerations. Again, the Chiefs are a perfect example of this. Yes, they needed to beef up their defensive linemen after their 2021 loss to the Buccaneers. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop them from investing in their offensive linemen, especially in their 2022 Draft picks. 

Impact of Team Dynamics on Draft Decision-Making 

Team dynamics play a crucial role in NFL drafting decisions. After all, coaches, front-end executives, and team owners must agree on a draft board. At the same time, a team with more consistent leadership is more likely to have a consistent drafting approach.

Teams that often hire new leaders are more likely to change their drafting approach and general priorities. If you want to understand team dynamics, dig deep into the team’s organizational structure. Aim to know how the team communicates and its overall vision/goal.

The Baltimore Ravens provide an excellent example of this. We all know them for their aggressiveness and resilience. After all, they’ve consistently invested heavily in their defense and offense. But despite Eric DeCosta taking over as general manager after Ozzie Newsome in 2019, the team has succeeded in maintaining its stern demeanor. 

Trends in Positional Priorities Across NFL Franchises 

Every NFL team has a unique draft strategy. As such, positional priorities vary from one team to the next. But positions like EDGE, quarterbacks, and left tackles have always been highly regarded.

An excellent example of how positional priorities vary from team to team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the years, the team has prioritized defense and linebackers. They draft top talent and develop them to exactly how they want them. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Rather, they prioritize picking strong offensive players to further boost their already established playmakers.

One way to analyze trends in positional priorities across NFL franchises is by liaising with legal sportsbooks. Yes, the picks and odds are usually indicative of popular opinion. But if you do your homework and look behind the noise, you’ll easily find valid trends, enabling you to make good picks with high odds. But before betting on picks, is sports betting legal in your jurisdiction? If you’re unsure, Betzillion has all the insights needed to find a legal sportsbook, regardless of your state. 

Drafting for Success: Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Another effective way of determining successful picks in the NFL Draft is by assessing case studies and evaluating lessons learned. The NFL has been ongoing since the 1920s. So, there are plenty of case studies of how teams approached their positional needs and how successful they have been.

A good example is the Chiefs. They noticed their playmaker needed a stronger defense after the 2021 Super Bowl, and they actively addressed that need for the past two years, culminating in their 2023 Super Bowl win.

Yet another example is the New England Patriots, as they have consistently managed to pick players that blend seamlessly with the rest of the team. The Seattle Seahawks 2012 Draft class also made it to the history books as a classic example of how player evaluation and aggressive drafting strategies can be fruitful in the long run. 

After all, if the team hadn’t picked Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, and Bobby Wagner in the 2012 NFL Draft, many agree that their first and only Super Bowl win in 2014 wouldn’t have been possible. 

Key Takeaway

The NFL Draft juggernaut sets the tempo for the next NFL season. So, assessing NFL Draft trends, whether for betting purposes or in anticipation of the upcoming NFL season, is vital in revealing the intricacies between positional needs, team dynamics, pick trends, and organizational philosophies when developing a drafting strategy. 

Our findings show that successful teams have embraced a nuanced art where they balance organizational cohesion, team foresight, and scouting expertise. After all, that’s the only way they can find those treasures that will take them to the next level in the upcoming season. 

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