NFL Draft Countdown

Bookies Commence 2023 NFL Draft Countdown

Leading sportsbooks across the United States are already primed, calculating their own probabilities covering the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, evaluating which candidates will be the principal choice for selecting franchises. Across the board, most betting sites are convinced that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young will be the first pick.

While odds are expected to drift as we get closer to the NFL Draft itself, scheduled to be held between April 27-29 in Kansas City, odds for Young to feature as the first pick range between -125 best and -150 worst. But for fans of the NFL who live outside the United States, who might not be accustomed to the odds format here, doing a little homework will certainly help.

Sports bettors in the US will obviously be familiar with the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols, whenever we are checking the numbers, although they can sometimes confuse people who are wagering from other countries. The latest guide to American Odds from SBO covers everything in more detail, explaining how the system works in simple terms.

Likewise, it’s actually quite easy to convert American Odds to the other popular formats, including fractional that’s popular in the United Kingdom, and the decimal system that is commonplace throughout Europe. Key to all of this is understanding value, especially when comparing odds available at different betting sites.

Predicting the Top Five Picks

We already know that Bryce Young is the bookies favorite, but which other prospects are most appealing to selecting NFL franchises? Well, this is where the differences of opinion begin to get more interesting, as the consensus varies across the major betting operations. However, most are in firm agreement about CJ Stroud, the quarterback who excelled with Ohio State.

So now that we have the top two leading candidates, just to make things even more interesting, the following trio of tips includes two more quarterbacks and a defensive tackle. Depending upon how combines influence the NFL Draft, as the scouts and teams evaluate important performance metrics, the order of selection could be shaped according to specific team needs.

If the focus on signing quarterbacks is key then Anthony Richardson at Florida, and Will Levis at Kentucky, are the most likely selections as third and fourth picks. But if priority turns to the defensive tackle role, then Jalen Carter with Georgia becomes an alternative option. Intriguingly, odds for all three can vary considerably from one bookie to the next.

Contrasting Opinions & Analysis

Right now, everyone interested in the NFL seems to be formulating their own mock draft ideas, which inevitably creates plenty of debate and trading of viewpoints. Of course, here at Draft Countdown we also have our own consensus of opinion, with a Big Board highlighting the viewpoints of our very own experts, Shane P. Hallam and Brian Bosarge.

While their opinions and analytical eyes can often lead to contrasting views, Shane and Brian are boldly united regarding Will Anderson Jr, even though bookies place him lower down the order of principal first round picks. They both rank the Alabama outside linebacker as the best college football player this year, seemingly destined to enjoy a great career in the NFL, although that could ultimately depend on where he goes.

Bryce Young features third in the overall consensus rankings for both Shan and Brian, albeit conscious the Alabama quarterback is clear favorite, when checking NFL Draft odds across practically every major sportsbook. But opinions differ when it comes to Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud, who Shane ranks higher than Bryce Young, while Brian goes in the opposite direction with Stroud fourth on his list.

These rankings have also helped to shape their mock draft selections, based around latest analysis focusing on the needs of teams. At the start of 2023, Brian tipped Houston Texans to go all in for Bryce Young, suggesting he would ideally fit their quarterback needs. Shane updated his mock draft in early February, highlighting that Will Anderson could be a priority first pick for the Chicago Bears. All we need to do now is wait and see what happens.

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