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Champions Who Love The Casino

Famous actors, musicians, and more are often characterized by emotionality and the ability to get carried away. Therefore, it is not surprising that many celebrities are into gambling. Sports have always been a stressful activity. Perhaps that is why many known athletes like to play and often show up at casinos. Some stars have taken their hobby honestly and made these places around the world richer by millions of dollars. Let’s look at such examples. 

Tiger Woods


The famous golfer is also known for his love of gambling. The media has repeatedly reported that the athlete has a limit of $1 million in almost every casino in Las Vegas. People say that his friend and fellow athlete Michael Jordan instilled a love of gambling. Also, relatives said that he visits virtual platforms. Of course, by getting the best $10 deposit bonus casino Canada, everyone can try out a wide selection of exciting games. Some sources have even reported to journalists that the athlete usually requires a separate table for gambling to surround himself exclusively with beautiful girls. One of the most sought-after options for the golfer was poker. It was the one he spent a great deal of time playing.

Michael Jordan 


He is one of the greatest basketball players of the millennium. Everyone knows this personality, even those who are not into the sport. He spends more than a million dollars a year on his hobby. The athlete sees no problem in a small, by his standards, loss of a few hundred thousand dollars. The public became aware of his love of the game of chance back in 1993. In his opinion, if he could spend money on gambling, why not? The athlete has been spotted in many places around the world. He prefers blackjack and thinks it’s the best way to relax. 

Michael Phelps


The swimming star always had a taste for competition. Therefore, after he became interested in gambling, he left the institution after winning. It is known how the swimmer had to sit at the game for more than eight hours in a row. But it did contribute to growth, both morally and professionally. This is another distraction for the athlete. Moreover, he prefers roulette or poker, believing that it is these classic variations that are interesting to him. This personality is one of the few examples of a successful combination of gambling and sports. All because he treated such activities as a free pastime rather than a passion. 

Wayne Rooney


Who doesn’t know this soccer player? He is a true legend of Manchester United. These days he is involved in coaching. But Wayne Rooney was once a regular visitor to the casinos. All local establishments in England knew that among his favorite games were roulette and blackjack. It was they who brought him the most vivid emotions and frustrations. The man has always strived to be a leader and a winner. This was reflected both on the field and at the table. 

Alex Rodriguez


He is a famous baseball player. Like many other athletes, he was an avid master. People have said that in the company of such celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, he could easily pay $90,000 out of his pocket for a single game of cards. He frequented the most popular locations around the world. It made him feel successful, confident, and relaxed. Visiting such establishments became a special ritual for this star. 

Paul Hornung


He is one of the best players in American soccer. He really has a passion for winning, a true champion. In parallel, at one time, he was into casinos. He knew the local establishments and was always welcomed with open doors. He was especially fond of poker and roulette. He often played for luck. 

Final Thoughts


Sport is competition, adrenaline, and extraordinary feelings. Often some people are involved in this field who want to additionally experience such things. Therefore, gambling helps them get that need. Today, casinos and similar venues know their champions by sight. They prepare in advance for the arrival of personalities such as Michael Jordan or Wayne Rooney. There is nothing wrong with this pastime as long as everyone is in control. 

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