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Essay Writing Topics Related to the History of American Football


Students experienced in academic writing already understand that half the success in writing a high-quality essay is choosing a topic. Many people must pay more attention to the importance of selecting a topic and stop taking the first thing that catches their eye. Such an approach can be fundamentally wrong because the case largely determines the essence, content, and space for development in your future essay. If you ever feel overwhelmed with topic selection or any part of the essay writing process, consider using an essay writing app or seeking professional guidance from a reliable college essay writing service to guide and assist you in crafting a compelling essay.

We have prepared a list of the best essay topics related to the history of American football. Carefully read and analyze our options, and choose something you like. If you don’t find a perfectly suitable topic at our top, don’t be upset. You may consider using an essay topic generator to explore more new topics or develop existing ones.

11 Creative Essay Topics Related to the History of American Football

  1. Considering the American Football Industry as an Investment Opportunity: When Everything Relies on the Kick of a Ball
  2. Rugby and American Football
  3. Is it Healthy to Get Addicted to American Football?
  4. The Cultural Impact of American Football
  5. Which Sport Brings in More Money: Baseball or American Football?
  6. Parental Methods and Approaches: The Moms of American Football
  7. The Impact of International Politics and Processes on American Football
  8. Impact of Racial Integration in American Football – Spotlight on Iconic Players
  9. The Historical Significance and Popularization of Super Bowl Sunday
  10. Understanding Transformational Changes in American Football Equipment Over the Decades
  11. College Football’s Influence on Professional Leagues: A Correlative History Study

12 Argumentative Essay Topics Related to the History of American Football

  1. Should American Football’s Violent History Prompt a Future Footprint to Less Aggressive Competition?
  2. Did Racial Integration Within American Football Lead to Greater Competitive Spirit?
  3. Could Changes in Reportage and Commentary Have Altered Public Perspective of Historical Incidents in American Football?
  4. Is the Super Bowl an Exaggerated Display or an Essential Component of American Pop Culture?
  5. Does American Youth Emulate Harmful Behavioral Traits from Professional Football Players Due to Television Influence?”
  6. ‘Old School vs. New School’ – Has Modern Technology Disrupted or Aided Traditional Elemental Gameplay in NFL History?
  7. The Debate Over Safety Measures: Has Improvement Lessened the Raw Essence of Traditional American Football?  
  8. Were Predominantly Black Colleges Key in Revolutionizing American Pro-Football? Argument Against Race-Norming
  9. Televised Games Responsible for Increasing Commercialization: Is It Damaging Authenticity of Sportsmanship?
  10. Helmet-to-Helmet Hits: Staunch Defense Strategy Or Dangers Waiting on Heels- Analyzing Consequences Throughout
  11. Arguments Regarding Coaches’ Roles Through Decades – Leadership Over Team Strategy vs. Individual Brilliance
  12. Implementing Strict Rules In Tackling Compared To Early Years: Protector From Severe Injuries Or Limitation On Intense Matches

11 Critical-Thinking Essay Topics Related to the History of American Football

  1. Analysis of NFL Expansion: A Consideration of Market Saturation and Geographic Resonance
  2. Historical Impact on Sports Rules and Regulation Adjustment in the NFL – Creative Evolution or Legal Cover?
  3. Was American Football’s Integration Process a Cause for Societal Change, or Simply Reflective of it?
  4. Transforming Tactics and Formations Throughout Decades in American Football: Are Modern Coaches More Innovative?
  5. The Super Bowl Halftime Show – Catering to Wider Audience or Distracting from Core Intent?
  6. Screened Violence: Historical Study On How Broadcasting On-field Aggression Impacts Behavior of Young Viewers
  7. Conflating Politics and Sports: Examination of Events Where American Football Squares Up with Socio-political Issues
  8. Lessons From Past Tragedies: Evaluating The Necessity for Increased Protective Measures Over Time in Professional Leagues
  9. Revisiting History: Confederacy & Civil War Influence on Conventional South-North Rivalries in Early College Leagues
  10. Interrogating Stereotypes Against Women Enthusiasts: Is Gender System to Blame or Traditional Disinterest Organically Evolved?
  11. Development of Offensive Techniques Post Forward Pass Introduction: Has It Been Advantageous or Just Lacked Defensive Balance Solutions?

7 Exciting Essay Topics Related to the History of American Football

  1. Football Culture Across America: North vs. South, an Analytical Comparison
  2. ‘Monday Night Fever’: The Influence Of Television On American Football Development
  3. The Emergence and Impact of Women’s Role in the Male-Dominated Sport
  4. Role and Effectiveness of Coaches Through Historic Evaluation – Story of Vince Lombardi
  5. A Historical Analysis of How American Football Shapes a Parallel Economic Industry
  6. Heart Conditions Prevalent Among Retired Players; Connection To Intense Cardio Pressure or Steroid Consumption Liability?
  7. Depression among High Impact Sports Players Post-career- Untangling C.T.E Patterns in American Football History

9 Health Care Essay Topics Related to the History of American Football

  1. Concussions and the NFL: A Study on Its Historical Handling and Modern Response
  2. Injuries in American Football: Medical Breakthroughs Leading to Faster Player Recovery Over Time
  3. Historical Progression of Injury Prevention Techniques Within the Sport of American Football
  4. The Evolution and Efficiency of Helmets in Minimizing Head Injuries Amidst the Brutality of Pro-Football
  5. Football’s Physical Punishment: Investigating Long-Term Health Consequences After Retirement
  6. Substance Abuse Among Professional Athletes: Isolation, Stressors And Pressures Tracing Back to Dark Chapters From ’80-’90s?
  7. American Sports Leagues Grip On Opioid Crisis
  8. Examining the Transformation Of Player Diets Through History
  9. Chronology Of Safety Equipment Development with Rising Athlete Welfare Understanding Throughout Decades

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