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How Professional Sports and Gambling Are Related


When we talk about gambling, we talk about two main forms of it – betting on professional sports and playing casino games. Both are forms of gambling, and very popular ones. They differ in many ways, but not entirely. In this article, we’ll discuss how the two are related and in what they differ.

Casino Gambling vs. Sports Betting

Before we jump at the similarities, let’s consider what’s unique about the two.

Casino Gambling: What It Offers

Casino gambling is by far the more popular option. Players today are in constant search for the best casinos to place their wagers in. These give them the chance to play in real time, see the outcome instantly, and claim the best offers on the market, including bonuses that bring thousands of dollars to the player. Today, millions of players worldwide go online to play slots, the biggest category of them all. At Slototimes, they are spoilt with choices, choosing between hundreds of top-rated machines of different themes, bet ranges, and with diverse features.

Start with Mega Moolah, the slot that brought the world the biggest jackpot, to famous titles like Game of Thrones for the movie fans – you’ll find everything at this online casino. The list goes on and on and expands to all-time-favorites like Starburst and Immortal Romance, as well as newer titles like Big Bad Wolf and Gorilla Go Wilder.

If you play casino games, you can find a lot more content compared to sports betting. You can find online slots to play and slot machines, as well as table and card games – and in many variations too. Online casinos are very generous with bonuses, such as match offers for new players and free spins for regulars, and even cash back for your losses.

Finally, one of the best parts about online games at casinos is that you can play them as often as you’d like, without waiting too long for the outcome. In professional sports betting, you have to wait for the match to start and finish to see the results. In casino gambling, it all happens in real time, whenever you want to play.

Professional Sport Betting: What It Offers

Sports betting websites are amazing for sport fans. If you are a fan of sports and love watching the matches, betting on their outcome can make the game even more thrilling to watch.

Today, you can place wagers on all kinds of sports including football, rugby, handball, boxing, and even horse and greyhound racing. The options are many – and there are hundreds of bet types for you to make. You don’t have to bet on the overall outcome i.e. the result of the match. You can bet on the winning team, but at different points of the game. You can bet on players, make combinations, and even place live wagers while watching the match.

While casino games are mostly based on luck, sports betting require more skill. If you familiarize yourself with the stats, the rules, and the bet types, and make a smart strategy, this can boost your odds of winning more frequently. Games like slots, on the other hand, don’t require much skill and you can’t use many strategies that would boost your chances at winning money.

How the Two are Related

Yes, sports betting and casino games are different in many ways, but they are also very similar. This is why they often attract the same audience – people love gambling in different forms. Here is how the two are related.

The Provider Always Has a Way to Keep in Business

For casinos, this is the house edge. The house edge is the advantage a casino has over its players i.e. the profit it has to make to keep itself in business and turn a profit. Gambling is based on random generators, but the house is always in advantage.

With sports betting, it’s different, but this also exists in a way. Sportsbooks need to keep in business, too, so they often reserve a percentage of the betting proceeds i.e. a commission from the losing side of the wager.

They Require Skills

While slots and similar games don’t leave much room for strategies and techniques, games like poker, for instance, are not just based on luck. You need to know the rules and possess certain skills to get a better competitive edge in these, just like you need it in sports betting.

So, what’s better?

Instead of trying to choose between the two, why not try them out? It’s all up to the player’s preference. Many gamblers like to do both, and now that these are available online, it’s more possible than ever.

Author bio:

Mathilda Schneider is a sports writer and blogger. She comments on recent sports events on several journals online, and often writes tips and tricks for bettors. In her articles, you can learn more about professional sports, but also a lot about wagering on them.

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