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How to Apply British Soccer Prediction Tips to American Football Bets

British soccer began in the mid-19th century in England. In contrast, the NFL was only founded in 1920 so is a much younger cousin of the global phenomenon.

Sports betting in the UK has been around even before soccer was a thing. So there has always been a big union between trying to forecast bets on the results of soccer matches and having a passion for the game.

One of the main areas of overlap between the two sports is in how people interpret terms such as ‘football’ and ‘soccer’. In the UK, “football” refers to what’s known as “soccer”, and this terminology often appears in various articles entitled “EPL Football News for Today” or “Hot Football Odds“, as an example. Over in the US, the term strictly means American Football. But another crossover worth discussing is the approach to betting on these sports. Let’s talk about that.

Predictions and Tips

Soccer betting relies heavily on betting tips and predictions. There’s a rule of thumb that there is never a need to pay for tips if you are prepared to put some legwork in.

Tips can be a great source of information and should be included in your toolbox, but the mistake is being completely reliant upon them.

Consider what tips are telling you and see if they align with your analysis of pre-match stats, as this will help you grow your knowledge of betting.

What Can Soccer Tell Us?

Soccer betting is the backbone of any bookmaker’s sportsbook from places like the UK and Germany. So there are some tried and tested pointers to take from all of that to apply towards your NFL betting.

Avoid Prop Bets

It’s common for ordinary soccer bettors to skip prop bets in matches. Things like a Red Card being shown, or a player’s total shots on target for a match are random arbitrary elements, that ultimately the value in the market isn’t worth the time spent trying to research them. Also, there is a serious limit on the max. stake on such betting markets.

Skip the Parlays

Another big factor in soccer betting is avoiding parlays, or accumulators as they are called in European sports betting. Bets containing multiple options just hand the bookmaker a huge house edge, and the more selections you layer on, the bigger that edge.

Live Betting

One of the biggest positive elements of European soccer betting to adapt for NFL wagers is live in-play betting. There are so many great strategies that can be applied with it.

At the simple end, it could be waiting patiently for 10 minutes of a soccer match to pass by and then picking the match outright winner at better odds than what they were pre-match.

Playing a game of patience with NFL betting, before the first touchdown is scored can drive towards better game odds.

Break the Game

Another popular approach from soccer betting is to break an NFL match down into chunks. Deliberately focus on the result of the first period or the first half in an NFL match, too, as it’s a shorter route to having bets settled. Trends and stats can help with this, as you may spot teams that regularly come out of the starting blocks fast.

Is All Sports Betting the Same?

There is a lot of commonality between sports betting, regardless of what event you are looking at. While the markets differ between sports, the principles of how to settle on a selection are basically the same.

Here are the top three pointers for NFL betting, by leaning on common practices from soccer betting:

Know Your Subject

Achieve a good working knowledge of the league, division teams and playing personnel for your NFL betting. Stay up to date with news and team reports, as well as the current standings and form. As a fan, there’s probably already a great base to work from.

Understand Odds Value

Understand the core value of odds you are looking at for NFL betting. Immediately be able to know if a -120 selection on the Moneyline is worth bothering with or not.

Stay Focused

Don’t get pulled into many markets, instead align yourself with just a couple of main ones that you want to focus on, like just the Spread or the Half-Time Totals market, for example.

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