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How to Bet on NFL Games: A Complete Guide


It can be a complicated and scary venture if you have never placed bets on sports. You don’t know what websites to trust, what payment options to use, and practically anything else about proper sports and a budget. Besides, there are at least five different types of bets, and it is only the basics you have to know. You also have to be aware of the best payment options and choose what platform you can trust. Your choice of online casinos that accept e-transfer is broad enough to select the best possible platform. However, it still takes a lot of time and effort to get into something you have never tried. With the new season in full swing, we will give you some basics you must know to bet on NFL games. So let’s start our fool and comprehensive guide on NFL sports betting.

Most Popular Types of NFL Bets

One of the first things that many people start with is the variety of different odds and bets. That’s right; you can’t just take your money and give it to someone to place a bet. You also have to choose a different team or even a player, as well as the type of bet. The majority of legal and highly trustworthy platforms, including Wise casino will have a comprehensive division between the front office. This particular casino will also offer different payment options and ways to control your earnings and spending. Nevertheless, doing a little bit of research beforehand will definitely not hurt your chances. We have selected some of the most popular types of bets you can place.


We will start with the traditional moneyline. This particular technique is the simplest way for you to start sports betting. To succeed in the moneyline, you only have to select a team who will win. You don’t have to worry about points or practically anything else. You can only remember that negative odds are used for favored choices, while positive ones go for underdogs. This also means you will get more money placing your bets on positive odds, yet your chances will be lower.

Spread Betting

Here is where things are getting complicated. This time you will have to try to predict how much a team will win. Even though it is not the best phrasing, it explains the concept perfectly. Your goal here is to understand how many points a particular team will win. Here negative and positive odds are also relevant, and they signify the same chances as before. You can say that Team A will win by 7 points and place your money.

Over/Unders and Totals

Let’s get to the next item on our list. If you don’t know which team or player will win, you can also place your money on different points and scores. For example, you can say that a particular game will end with 28 points. Usually, the websites offer you to go over or under a specific number. So the number is 30; you can either go under it or over it. If you guessed, you would get your win.

Prop Bets

We have two more types on our list. This time you are placing your money on a particular team and a player. Here you’re betting on player statistics and team statistics if you want to. The questions can be very different and include everything from the weather to the length of the national anthem or a winning coach. This is definitely a more exciting way to get your money. Still, it hardly involves a load of skills and analysis. These bets are usually placed for fun and are rarely viewed as your main source of income.


This is our last type. These bets will be perfect if you have a bigger picture in mind. You can start placing these bets once the season starts. Here’s a quick example if you are wondering what the big picture means. You can say that your favorite team will win the Super Bowl. Here you’re not spending money on a particular match but on the end of the season.

Final Thoughts

We will wrap this article up by saying that you have to learn many things. Knowing the differences between them is just the beginning. We also advise you to stay up-to-date with the NFL news and always check all the odds and probabilities. You also shouldn’t let your emotions take control. In a lot of ways, the NFL is very random. Even if you are sure of your choices, something can go wrong, and things change even because of the weather. Therefore, don’t chase your losses and always gamble responsibly. This is the best way to succeed and become a professional.

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