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How to Write a Thesis Paper on American Football


American or gridiron football can be discussed in many ways, and it can go well beyond what happens on the field. Writers can discuss football by analyzing many interesting aspects of the game and its participants. A writer can discuss concepts relating to concussions and injuries, physical fitness, general health, and player and team personalities. 

The effort one puts into writing a thesis paper on the sport should be planned accordingly. If you want to write your paper for your PhD, the work you plan to do will be even more important. PhD candidates often select to engage in the process of buying thesis assistance or buy thesis paper services online to ensure their papers meet the highest academic standards.

People have written many papers on American football in the past. The process for how you can write on this topic is essential to explore, as you’ll need to understand everything surrounding how you plan your paper and arrange your data. The process for how to write a thesis paper on American football is similar to the steps you’d use for a paper on other subjects like politics. But it will still require your best effort when producing something interesting for the reader.

Consider the Topic At Hand

Your first step in planning thesis papers on American football involves considering the topics available. You can write about many aspects of American football, including:

  • Current trends in preventing and managing injuries
  • Understanding how coaches and scouts analyze players and determine what points are the most essential
  • How fluid intake, dietary changes, and other health-related measures can influence how players perform
  • Reviewing how rule changes have helped impact the sport, including how it might become safer or influence specific play calls

The topic should be something that fits three particular points:

  1. The topic should be relevant to the subject.
  2. The topic should also be worthy of your research.
  3. You should have some interest in the topic, to the point where you’re willing to go deep into the concept.

You can move on to getting your outline ready after you figure out a suitable target.

Plan Your Outline

The thesis outline is the next point to explore when writing. Your outline will help you organize your content and stay focused.

The outline should include the following points:

  • An introduction with your main statement at the end
  • Supporting arguments, including different concepts relating to your topic
  • A sensible flow, which includes looking at how one aspect of your topic moves toward the next
  • A conclusion, covering what you’ve done and what further research and study opportunities are available

Expect your outline to change a few times during your work as you collect further data.

Conducting Preliminary Research

Preliminary research is necessary for the start of your task. This process helps you gain background information on your topic. You can look at important considerations for the topic and other points worth discussing. This step is necessary for determining if your topic is worthwhile.

For example, you might want to write a thesis paper on training intensities and how thorough training is for players in different positions. Your preliminary research can include analyzing different ways how players train based on their positions. You can also consider how other teams might have unique standards for how their players train. The points you review can help you determine what you should discuss in your paper.

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Collect Data

You can go into further research when you figure out your topic. You’ll need to plan your research by focusing on specific things you wish to review. Furthermore, you’ll then go through relevant and valid resources to find data, including prior reports and studies. Anything you use in your research should be thorough while staying relevant.

Regarding the example on training intensity, you can collect reports on what training measures teams hold and how they vary by player position. You can compact multiple reports from different teams to see if there’s a correlation in how they treat their players based on position.

You can gather various pieces of content online or through books and publications at your local library. Be sure you collect as many relevant pieces of information as possible.

Starting the Writing Process

After collecting enough data and having a reasonable outline, you can start writing your paper. Make sure when writing that you illustrate the ideas you’re trying to cover while making the arguments clear. You can edit your work as you progress, so don’t try to make everything perfect right away.

Everything you do when writing will be critical to showing how well you can convey your ideas. You can use these points when writing your thesis:

  • Keep all the concepts you want to discuss organized well. Everything you include should be arranged so that there’s a sensible flow in your ideas.
  • Provide as much evidence as possible and keep everything relevant. Look at the research you’ve gathered and figure out what is appropriate for the topic.
  • Keep the writing style consistent throughout the work. Use the same language style and keep the citation format the same.

Proper Formatting Is Necessary

The formatting you use for your thesis paper is important to explore. You’ll have to complete your paper in one of various formats, including MLA, APA, or Chicago styles. Each style uses different standards for in-text citations and how you’ll reference the content at the end. Proper formatting is critical to ensure you don’t risk possible unintentional plagiarism.

How Do You End the Paper?

Your conclusion should not include a summary of everything, but instead an analysis of various points surrounding what you can do with your future studies. You can discuss possible avenues for further research on your topic. Anything you include here should be relevant and worth including in future projects. This point is valuable if you’re planning on continuing with your studies and feel you can go deeper into whatever you’re reviewing.

A Final Word About Your Paper

Make sure that when writing your thesis paper on American football, you understand what you’re getting out of the work. The sport is filled with many exciting points worth discussing, but make sure when writing that you know what you want to discuss and that you have a plan to make it work.

You can also buy thesis paper help if you require further assistance with your project. Buying thesis paper support can help you learn more about writing a paper based on your subject, so make sure you understand what you are doing when getting your work ready.

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