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New Mock Drafts

With the 2022 NFL season behind us, it’s time to concentrate on the trades that are expected to help teams give their fans several surprises in the 2023 league matches. As such, many football fans are closely following their favorite teams in the doldrums hoping to get a sneak peek into the future of their squads while dreaming about players that might turn around their franchise.

For many that weren’t interested in looking for quarterback prospects during the 2022 NFL draft, they should have an easier time identifying potential solutions for the 2023 class. As such, this year’s prospect pool has something for every NFL fan, whether you like Will Levis, Bryce Young, or C.J. Stroud.

Defensively, franchises will have more than enough athletic freaks, whether it’s a defensive back such as Christian Gonzales or a pass rusher such as Will Anderson. There is also a lot more athletic talent among the top collegiate football prospects and betting fans are ready to use the bet365 bonus code to wager on next season’s first. Here’s a look at new mock NFL drafts for the 2023 class.

Carolina Panthers: Quarterback C.J Stroud, Ohio State

The Panthers have created the best environment for a rookie QB. Their first pick during the 2023 NFL Draft will be supported by a rising offensive line and he’ll have a great coaching staff to learn from, with enough weapons around him.

Stroud may not have the highest ceiling, although he stands a chance to win Carolina’s Offensive Rookie of the Year. He might also be among the top 12 quarterbacks that might help the Panthers win several NFC South titles.

Houston Texans: Quarterback Bryce Young, Alabama

The Texans don’t have any reason to trade up for their first pick with Bryce Young or Stroud providing a solid franchise-quality quarterback. That may be the dream scenario for Houston, as Young is among the smartest players in the NFL and his quick processing ability paired with leadership and accuracy skills represents everything the team needs.

Arizona Cardinals: Edge, Will Anderson Jr, Alabama

While the Cardinals are considering trade options at the moment, the field of athletes for the franchise has narrowed significantly. By remaining put, the Cardinals have a blue-chip talent for coach Jonathan Gannon’s defense. As such, Will Anderson Jr may be physically maxed out, but he’s a double-digit prospect at the net level and the Cardinals are desperate for pass rushers.

Indianapolis Colts: QB Will Levis, Kentucky

The Indianapolis Colts are in need of a permanent solution at the quarterback instead of just playing musical chairs. In their previous situation, the team was trading with the Bears hoping to outmatch their rivals, the Texans in getting the quarterback they need.

Now, the Colts have to hope that the NFL team that will move to No. 3 does not take the signal caller they’re looking for. Hopefully, they’ll make that move or maybe trade for Lamar Jackson. However, Will Levis might be among the top 10 thanks to his big arm.    

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