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NFL 2023: The Top 4 Teams’ Best 2 Players


The 2023 National Football League (NFL) has showcased great teams and highlighted players who significantly contributed to their team’s success. Of over 32 participating teams this season, five reigned and are continuously on their feet to achieve the NFL’s final playoff title in the Super Bowl.


Heading to the league championship, numerous outstanding players have gone to the headlines with their innate skills and continuous improvement on the field. The growing excitement of many football fans created more fun and enthusiasm for the coming final playoff matches. Getting ready for the Super Bowl? Here are 2 best players for the 4 best teams this season.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs, with a record of 14-3 this season, have built great interest in many football fans with their numerous on-field strengths. Due to their superb play, the Chiefs are rightfully heading to the Super Bowl. Some of these top players greatly embody the team’s strengths.

  • Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. His big physique and arm strength enabled him to achieve excellent offensive performance for the team throughout the season. His experience in field sports also allowed him to gain powerful strength, providing the Chiefs an even greater advantage for the Super Bowl.
  • Travis Kelce. The Chief’s tight-end player Travis Kelce is known for his straight-line speed, reliable blocks, and excellent receiving ability. His ball possessions and overall have made way and contributed for the Chiefs to show great strength and agility on the field.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are known for their defensive and offensive line. This has been the team’s main key in achieving the second spot for the latest NFL team odds and ranking, showing a record of  14-3. When it comes to top players, there is no doubt that the Eagles can provide an unending list of names.

  • Jason Kelce. His teammates and the NFL community consider Jason Kelce one of the greatest centers of the Eagles. His commitment to the team’s offensive line contributed significantly to the team’s strong on-field performance over the past and recent seasons. His team leader’s energy and attention to in-play detail create better preparation for him and his teammates every season.
  • Jalen Hurts. The Eagle’s quarterback, Jalen Hurts, is a well-known MVP candidate. It is no secret that he has only shown great performance over the season, bringing the team’s name to the top. Despite numerous injury challenges, Hurts is ready to overcome with more empowered and developed skills in defense and touchdown.

3. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are continuously on their feet to achieve the world champion title in the Super Bowl with their dominant pass rush and excellent quarterback players. The Bills have a record of 13-3 this season. The Buffalo Bills’ outstanding top players include the following:

  • Josh Allen. Just a few seasons into his career with the Bills, Josh Allen has been an MVP candidate in 2020. Known for his arm strength and attention during matches, Allen is recognized as an unmatchable quarterback in the NFL. What’s more to see in Allen’s performance is his mobility to produce great ball passes.
  • Stefon Diggs. Stefon Diggs is one of the Buffalo Bills’ best players with his ball control and ability to show off great skills as a route runner. His excellent team play allows teammate Josh Allen to make a play, as he also shows efficient skills as a waymaker and pass-catcher.

4. San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers recorded a 13-4 and ranked fourth on the latest NFL rankings this season. With their excellent offense and defense line, the Niners are up for the challenge for the championship title with these notable players on the team.

  • Trent Williams. With his dominant offensive tackle position, Trent William is among the Niners’ best players. His strength and speed on the field have become a challenge for the opposing teams. His crafty ability every match has also allowed him to create great attacks throughout the season.
  • Deebo Samuel. Known to be the wide back of the Niners is Deebo Samuel. His skills in return and receiving are Samuel’s notable strengths. Moreover, speed and agility also put his name in the spotlight, and his huge hands created excellent grabs needed for the team’s great defense strength.


Great teams come with great and skillful athletes. Each of the two conferences’ dominant teams and its player lineup surely enables them to further foster on the field for the great matchup prepared for the annual final playoffs.


This year’s season put the great spotlight on the dominant athletes, who significantly contributed to their team’s ability to achieve winning opportunities over the playoff matches. These teams have undoubtedly shown great strength and passion throughout their journey in the NFL.

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