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NFL Draft Prospects 2024

2024 NFL Mock Draft

With Super Bowl LVIII and all its celebrations behind us, the 2024 NFL draft scouting is already on the horizon. That means it’s time for NFL fans to look forward to the next group of rising talent set to hit the pro ranks in 2024.

Here’s a look at the top five NFL prospects to watch at each major position in this year’s NFL draft while using the Pinnacle VIP code to wager on the games.

Caleb Williams – USC/Quarterback

While the 2024 QB class has several intriguing prospects, Caleb Williams stands as the crown jewel. The athletic gunslinger is highlighted by his elite escaping skills and his ability to exploit defense systems. While Williams isn’t tall, he has a well-built physique with an arm that can challenge defenses in the field, making him a high-impact playmaker.

Williams will most likely improve his placement and accuracy on deep and intermediate throws, but that’s unlikely to become popular for pinpoint accuracy. However, he has a solid chance of hitting new heights with a team he trusts, but he will need a well-structured offense and greater self-discipline.

Marvin Harrison Jr. – Ohio State/ Wide receiver

In a class of pass-pitchers packed with playmakers, Marvin Harrison is the top receiver with solid hands and intriguing route-running skills. The Larry Fitzgerald clone comes from a great NFL bloodline and possesses similar skills to his father and Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison. The 21-year-old can run, but he isn’t a burner.

What makes Marvin an excellent wide receiver that’s quite hard to handle is his consistent speed and quality of salesmanship while making his routes. He can be sudden when working possession routes and he has the skills to outsmart any opponent with the ball when the battle gets deep. Additionally, he’s a touchdown champion with multiple ways to thrive.   

Joe Alt – Notre Dame/ Offensive Tackle

A long-limbed team captain, Notre Dame’s offensive tackle Joe Alt possesses NFL-quality tackle in his veins. Joe plays a disciplined game, working with fluid transitions while avoiding penalties. He is also a capable drive blocker with excellent speed to play in the second level.

Alt struggles to bend enough and compensate for his height, which makes him play with a forward lean, and waist-bending style that may affect his anchor while challenging bull-rushers. However, his outstanding arm extension and speed promote his ability to redirect pass-rushers and sustain blocks. Clearly, he has the skills to become a 1st day starter on the left.

Brock Bowers – Georgia/ Tight End

Brock Bowers is a prolific tight end with an excellent blend of speed, acceleration, body control, and strong hands capable of breathing life into the stale NFL offense. He was a high-volume target for Georgia and recorded the most receiving yards in the team for all his three college seasons.

Bowers’ secret sauce is in his ability to get through tacklers, making him a highly effective player when it comes to exploiting zone pockets. He is an explosive footballer, but he lacks the premium measurables that early first-rounders are associated with.   

Graham Barton – Duke / Interior Blocker

This year’s class of interior blockers features multiple athletes with incredible positional flexibility, led by Graham Barton. The explosive drive block has a great leg drive and body control, keeping his opponents centered to finish the job. His fluidity also gives him an advantage over other athletes and his athleticism is what NFL teams will need from an early starter.

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