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NFL Odds, Spreads, Lines, Moneylines & The Growth Of NFL Betting


NFL is one of the most fun sports to follow live or on TV. For fans of the NFL, betting on their favorite teams can enhance the quality of the sport due to personal involvement in the game. Betting on NFL games is now quite evolved, and many things changed over the years.

In this article, we’ll go into more detail on how things work, so you have an easier time if you decide to bet. We’ll go over Odds, Spreads, and moneylines. We will also go over how NFL evolved and changed over the years, and still does to this day.

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How Do Odds Work In The NFL?

Odds are easy to understand once you get the hang of the basics. When you want to make a bet, betting on your favorite team to when you need to pay close attention to the numbers with the plus and minus symbols.

What you need to understand about odds is that there are two rows of data, each dedicated to the two teams facing each other. The odds can be represented as several betting options which we will dive deeper into. The simplest rule with the (+) and (-) means that the plus represents the underdog, and the minus represents the favorite team to win.

Generally, underdog betting involves more risk, but if you bet correctly, you will win more money. The opposite is true for the other team whose odds are represented by a plus.

What Is NFL Moneyline Betting?

These are some of the simplest betting options in the NFL. If you are a beginner and haven’t placed a bet before, a moneyline bet might be a good way to start. A moneyline bet works by choosing the option you think will win the game.

If the team you chose wins the game, you get paid. When the team you chose loses, you lose as well. It’s an extremely simple and relatively safe betting option, especially for beginners. The odds are different for both teams.

NFL Spread Betting

Spread betting is when you place a bet favoring one team to win by a certain margin or to lose by a certain margin. The easiest way to deduce the margin for winning is to look at the final score of the game, and simply subtract the listed negative number from the favorite.

For example, if you bet on a 3.5-point spread, it means that the favorite team must win the game by 4 or more points to cover the spread you bet on. It looks more difficult than it is in a real scenario.

Has NFL Betting Grown Over The Years?

NFL has come a long way when it comes to its betting statistics. According to the American Gaming Association or AGA, a record 46.6 million American adults, which amount to 18% of the population were preparing to place a bet on the 2022 NFL season.

Betting is even more prominent during the Superbowl event which was held on the 12th of February 2023. Statistics aren’t in yet, but they promise a huge betting uptick, especially in the American market.

That is an uptick of 18% when compared to 2021, which is a nice growth margin. Statistics show that American people prefer to use a bookie in states where sports betting isn’t legalized, compared to states where it is. In states with legal sports betting, people are more willing to place bets in person.

But statistics show that as time goes on, people place more and more importance on betting through a completely legal and licensed bookmaker. However, this does not only benefit the players and bettors.

Furthermore, the NFL has a direct benefit from people betting on the sport. More sponsors, more advertisements, and more money from betting could potentially net the NFL up to $2.3 billion per year, which is serious revenue by all standards.

Media rights fees are also projected to increase by up to 18%, sponsorship by up to 7%, and ticket sales by 6%. With continuous betting growth, we can expect the revenue generated by betting to benefit the NFL even more.

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