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NFL Playoff Bracket: Using the Latest Odds to Predict the Teams


There’s still a long way to go before the start of the 2024 NFL season. And, as we know from recent history, much can change across the summer. However, as it stands, we have a fair idea of who is predicted to contend for the Playoffs and Super Bowl next season.

The sports betting markets for the new NFL season have basically been live from the moment the Kansas City Chiefs walked off the field of Allegiant Stadium as Super Bowl LVIII champions, but the odds will have chopped and changed after trades and, to an extent, the Draft.

As such, we have a full picture of what sportsbooks believe is most likely to happen. If you are confident in your choice for betting this season but have certain restrictions due to self-exclusion programs or cannot provide the whole pack of verification docs that limit access to traditional gambling sites, choose any of the top gambling sites not on Gamstop. This way, you can avoid any restrictions and be able to bet on your favorite team. Of course, things aren’t always so simple – we have seen plenty of shock winners and flops down the years – but we might ask what will happen if everything goes as predicted?

Using the latest NFL and college football betting lines, we can predict the following teams make the Playoffs:

AFC Playoff Teams

Kansas City Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals

Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars

Los Angeles Chargers

NFC Playoff Teams

San Francisco 49ers

Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions

Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints

As you will note, there are a few surprises there, and perhaps a few big names missing out. As we said, things can change, and there is always room for unsurprising changes to emerge. For example, what if a fit and firing Aaron Rodgers gets hot for the New York Jets? But going by the betting odds (an average across multiple sportsbooks), those teams are the ones predicted to be in the mix come January. What would the bracket look like?


Kansas City Chiefs (1st Seed) – Bye Week

Baltimore Ravens (2nd Seed) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (7th Seed)

Buffalo Bills (3rd Seed) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (6th Seed)

Cincinnati Bengals (4th Seed) vs. Miami Dolphins (5th Seed)


San Francisco 49ers (1st Seed) – Bye Week

Philadelphia Eagles (2nd Seed) vs. New Orleans Saints (7th Seed)

Detroit Lions (3rd Seed) vs. Green Bay Packers (6th Seed)

Dallas Cowboys (4th Seed) vs. Seattle Seahawks (5th Seed)

Of course, you are rarely going to get a Playoff bracket where the top seed/betting favorite always goes through to the next round, but, again, going by the odds, it means we end up with something like this:

AFC Wild Card Round

Baltimore Ravens defeat Los Angeles Chargers

Buffalo Bills defeat Jacksonville Jaguars

Cincinnati Bengals defeat Miami Dolphins

NFC Wild Card Round

Philadelphia Eagles defeat New Orleans Saints

Detroit Lions defeat Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys defeat Seattle Seahawks

AFC Divisional Round

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens defeat Buffalo Bills

NFC Divisional Round

San Francisco 49ers defeat Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles defeat Detroit Lions

AFC Championship

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Baltimore Ravens

NFC Championship

San Francisco 49ers defeat Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

So, that’s how we get to the predicted Super Bowl LIX match-up of the Chiefs vs. the 49ers, exactly like last season. However, here’s the kicker: the probability of the above being correct is so remote that you couldn’t even bet on it. We are talking of a one in 36.9 quadrillion chance of predicting every part of the bracket in that order. And it’s for that reason we can confidently say that the 2024 NFL season won’t pan out like the sportsbooks predict at the moment. Yet, it’s interesting to note where each team is expected to be, even if it doesn’t turn out that way this season.

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