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NFL Rising Stars: Patrick “PS2” Surtain II

Patrick Surtain II | Alabama

In recent years, the NFL has become an incredibly tense championship. This is because standards are higher than ever before, which means that players must live up to incredibly high standards. As a result, the NFL lines are consistently changing. It is worth staying in the loop so that you can make the most appropriate bet in the future. 


Ever since the NFL began, there have been many examples of multiple generations of players on the field. They have followed in their fathers’ footsteps and exceeded expectations. A cornerback who was able to do this and impress talent scouts is Patrick Surtain II. Here is a look into the rising star, and how he can be expected to grow in the coming seasons. 

Natural Ability

Firstly, Patrick Surtain II was able to impress many within the audience because he followed in his father’s footsteps. Patrick Surtain senior was a Pro Bowl cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, and he spent eleven seasons with the NFL. 


Not only did his son inherit the name, but Patrick Surtain II has a similar ability to impress crowds. This helped him to stand out on the field and create a name for himself from the very beginning of his football career. Surtain also performed best from the cornerback position, just like his father. 

Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Surtain was the starter for his college football team each year that he attended, and he was a very successful player for those three years. Having completed his final year in 2020, Surtain had successfully gained the attention of talent scouts recruiting for the NFL. 


His athletic ability combined with the sheer power allowed Surtain to complete his freshman year with 37 tackles, one interception and one forced fumble. He played fifteen games during this season, and thirteen in his final season. Surtain completed his senior year with 37 tackles, nine pass deflections, and one interception. 


As a result, the cornerback earned several pre-season All American honors. Surtain was also named the 2021 defensive MVP at the Rose Bowl, and there was no doubt about his entering the NFL as a professional football player. 


Surtain’s accomplishments with the Crimson Tide proved his determination and power, which helped make him a standout contender for the NFL draft in time for the next season. Even though he was following in his father’s footsteps, Surtain proved himself and became an incredibly powerful part of his team’s defense when he was on the field. 

NFL Draft

Surtain entered the NFL shortly after graduating from Alabama college, and he was selected during the Denver Broncos first round of drafting. The cornerback has already earned AFC defensive player of the week during his rookie season, thanks to an impressive performance during week 12. 


He helped the Broncos defeat the Los Angeles Chargers 28-13, and is predicted to achieve great things in the coming seasons with the Broncos. Surtain has a four-year contract with the franchise, and it is unclear whether he will plan to move to another team or stick with the Broncos once this is up. Whatever happens, there is no doubt that Surtain will bring an incredible power and energy to the field. 

Key Strengths

There are many reasons why Surtain stands out to the crowd, including his impressive height and power. Being 6’2” allows him to have the advantage from the cornerback position. Surtain is able to physically dominate his opponent and even create a little intimidation. 


As a result of this, Surtain has an impressive power when he is on the field. This allows him to create an unstoppable defense for any team that he is on. Not only that, but Surtain’s straight line speed is incredibly impressive. 


On the whole, he is a highly versatile player who performs exceptionally well as a cornerback. This pairs well with his great football IQ. Surtain has an impressive knowledge of the wide receiver routes on the field, and how to play zone well. 

Future Predictions

Whatever Surtain ends up doing in the future, there is no doubt that he will achieve great things as his NFL career progresses. If his first season is any indication of this, then we can expect a range of MVP selections as well as potential record breaks in the coming seasons. 


Hopefully, the future will be full of success and Surtain will go on to live a prosperous and successful career as a professional athlete. Who knows? Maybe he will have a longer number of seasons under his belt than his father. It is certainly exciting to see how the NFL changes over time, and how each player progresses. 


The NFL has seen its fair share of multiple generations of players from the same family. One of the latest examples of this is Patrick Surtain II, who inherited a passion for football as well as his name from his father. 


Patrick Surtain senior was a cornerback for eleven seasons and a high achieving member of the NFL. His son has already shown a great deal of capability which should provide him with an immensely successful career in the NFL. 


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