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NFL Rookies with Football Fathers: What Are Their Unique Journey Tales?

When your father is an NFL Hall of Famer, following in his footsteps or family members before you can be tricky for some players, and taking your own path can be too much to shoulder. However, there are endless lessons to be learned. This Father’s Day, we’ll look take at stories about NFL rookies who have come through the pressure of living up to or doing better than their family members in their own professional journeys.

Josh Downs – Indianapolis Colts (WR)

The Indianapolis Colts third-round draft Josh Downs launched his career with his father as his first coach. 

Josh is the son of former NFL star Gary Downs, but his father has not coached his NFL rookie son since he was in the seventh grade. However, Josh Downs still goes to his dad for advice during his critical moments.

Gary has helped guide Josh using his experience and perspective as a former NFL running back and a current coach. The former NFL player currently serves as the running backs coach for East Tennessee State and has been an invaluable resource in Josh’s career.

Some of the most critical pieces of advice that Josh has gotten from his father is in regard to his actions away from the field. According to Josh, his father has always advised him to focus on the main thing and avoid things that can distract him. This invaluable piece of advice is also helpful when placing bets with 1xbetのプロモコードを使ってベットしよう as distractions can get in the way of having fun.

Kade Warner – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WR)

While many believe that Kade Warner was poised to become one of the best NFL players, it almost didn’t happen. Kade is the son of NFL Hall of Famer and star quarterback Kurt Warner, but he almost quit playing football during his youth career.

Kade Warner once told his mother, Brenda that he didn’t want to play anymore while on the road. Her mother told him that he could create his own path and didn’t have to play if he didn’t want to. However, that gave him a sense of freedom and the motivation to keep playing until he fell in love with the game.

Instead of growing up in his father’s shadow, Kade Warner discovered the game on his own terms and also bonded with his father, Kurt in the process. His father taught him how to view a game as a quarterback, which has proven to be an invaluable skill for a slot receiver.

Kyu Blu Kelly – Baltimore Ravens (CB)

Kyu Blu Kelly didn’t expect he’ll play the same sport as his dad, Brian Kelly, let alone the same position. Kyu started playing football when he was 10 as his mother did not want him to be knocking and banging around when he was too young. Instead, Kyu’s parents advocated for him to play baseball, basketball, and soccer, but without any success.

Kyu Blu’s father played for the NFL for 11 seasons from 1998-2008, mainly representing Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He finished his long career with 103 passes, 413 tackles, and 22 interceptions. He also won the Super Bowl in 2002 with the Buccaneers.


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