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NFL Teams With Most Super Bowl Wins

The Super Bowl is the bee’s knees of all tournaments in American sports. To win the Super Bowl comes with many rewards, with the all-important bragging rights sitting right at the top of those benefits. As a football fan, you must have been wondering which teams have won the most Super Bowls. It’s something any avid supporter would want to know, as it can also influence NFL betting lines. But not only that, it gives you even more reason to support the side that has triumphed on more than one occasion. Here are the NFL teams that have won the most Super Bowls.  

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the final game in the NFL’s year-long campaign. It decides the league’s winner, and has served as the final game to decide the championship since 1966. For more than 50 years, NFL teams have been playing hard when vying for this iconic recognition.  

New England Patriots – six wins

Only one other team has won six titles like the Patriots, but more on the second team later. Quarterback Tom Brady has won every Super Bowl with the Patriots, which also makes him one of the most decorated players of all time. Fun fact, Tom has won a whopping seven Super Bowls, six with the Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (whose odds have fallen drastically since the start of the season). Brady is a certified GOAT (greatest of all time), if ever there was one. But what makes the Patriots so special? Their campaigns over the last two decades have seen the side dominate in almost every season. Here’s a list of their triumphs:

  • 2001 (XXVI), 20-17 vs. St. Louis Rams
  • 2003 (XXXVIII), 32-29 vs. Carolina Panthers
  • 2004 (XXXIX), 24-21 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • 2014 (XLIX), 28-24 vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • 2016 (LI), 34-28 vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • 2018 (LIII), 13-3 vs. Los Angeles Ram 

Pittsburgh Steelers – six wins

While many of the Steelers’ wins were recorded in the ‘70s, the team has fought hard to win the Super Bowl in the modern era. Their last win was in 2008. They are the seventh oldest NFL team and come packed with loads of history. Fans of this historic team waited an exceptionally long time to see their side win: a whopping 45 years, in fact. But it was precisely this win that propelled the side to superstardom. Many have also credited the 1975 Steelers with having the best football team of all time during the ‘70s, which makes complete sense. During that time, they won four of the six seasons following their first win in 1974. Here’s their win list:

  • 1974 (IX), 16-6 vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • 1975 (X), 21-17 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • 1978 (XIII), 35-31 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • 1979 (XIV), 31-19 vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • 2005 (XL), 21-10 vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • 2008 (XLIII), 27-23 vs. Arizona Cardinals 

San Francisco 49ers – five wins

The 49ers stole the show during the ‘80s and ‘90s to clinch five Super Bowl titles. This was also the era that featured some of the biggest names in football history. These include Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Terrell Owens. Many regard them as the best 49ers players ever, and we agree. What they did during their reign was truly phenomenal. Their titles include:

  • 1981 (XVI), 26-21 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1984 (XIX), 38-16 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • 1988 (XXIII), 20-16 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1989 (XXIV) 55-10 vs. Denver Broncos
  • 1994 (XXIX) 49-26 vs. San Diego Chargers 

Dallas Cowboys – five wins

Not only are the Dallas Cowboys an iconic NFL team, to get into their cheerleading program you quite literally must compete against other dance hopefuls. Based on this, we can agree that no one does it bigger than Texas. Known as America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys won their Super Bowls in the ‘70s and ‘90s, but have remained a formidable force in the NFL even though they have not won a Super Bowl since 1995. For their next game this season, the team will be wearing an America’s Team red stripe on their helmets. For the most part, their winning campaigns were championed by quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Other Cowboys icons include Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Jason Witten. Their wins include:

  • 1971 (VI), 24-3 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • 1977 (XII),27-10 vs. Denver Broncos
  • 1992 (XXVII), 52-17 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • 1993 (XXVIII),30-13 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • 1995 (XXX), 27-17 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Some notable mentions

  • Green Bay Packers – four wins
  • New York Giants – four wins
  • Denver Broncos – three wins
  • Washington Commanders – three wins
  • Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders – three wins

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