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Olympic athletes who have been involved in American football


Football in the US is still not on the Olympic programme, but you can meet former American footballers at the Tokyo Olympics. In the US, many athletes play multiple sports at the same time, so it’s not surprising that some of them have had experience with the oval ball. After looking at the US Men’s Olympic Team roster, we’ve highlighted 10 of the most interesting cases of athletes who had a connection to American football. Some hoped to succeed in the sport, while others simply enjoyed the game after already being recognised as a star in another discipline.

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Kenny Bednarek

Still very young and abandoned by his parents, Kenneth was adopted by a family from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He started running track at the local high school and played football in high school. He totalled 17 touchdowns at the receiver and returner positions, played on special teams as a gunner, and was heavily involved in jet-sweep tactics. Bednarek even recorded videos of his plays on the football field himself and posted them on the Hudl platform. In his final year of high school, he and his team won state championships in both football and track and field. His running career was going well, so special football accomplishments were not as important.

Devon Allen

After high school, Allen was recognised as an outstanding four-star talent and received a scholarship to the University of Oregon. In his first year playing for the Oregon Ducks, he caught 41 balls for 684 yards and had seven touchdowns, one of which was on a long pass. That same season, the Ducks won the Pacific Conference. Allen remained with the team for three years, though his focus increasingly shifted to running hurdles and his involvement in football dwindled (just 13 receptions for 235 yards over the next two seasons).

Grand Holloway

Upon his arrival at the University of Florida, local fans of the Gators team hoped that the freshman from Virginia would be a strong addition to the lineup. In his final year of high school, Holloway had 15 touchdowns and was ranked 61st among receivers in the nation among college players. However, since his main focus was athletics, Holloway decided to concentrate on one sport. Also, playing for the Gators did not involve a scholarship (at least in his first year).

Daniel Roberts

Interestingly, all three of the American athletes involved in the 110 metre hurdles had previously had high hopes in American football. Unfortunately, Roberts has a particularly sad story. In 2015, while playing for Hampton’s high school team, he suffered a serious knee injury, tearing every possible ligament – anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, and lateral ligaments. After surgery, Roberts began wearing long athletic trousers to hide the scars.

Patrick Kivlehan

Kivlehen played four years of American football for the Rutgers University team. Although he rarely made the main roster as a backup fullback, he participated in 43 games, making 40 tackles and one interception. Kivlehan spent most of his time on the field on special teams, and was only fielded on defence against Army and Navy teams due to their particular style of attack. Realising that there was no place for white cornerbacks in the NFL, he switched from football to baseball in his fifth year and proved himself in this sport. The very next season, he was selected in the draft by the Seattle Mariners.

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