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Predicting the NFL’s Next Hot Seat Firings and Hires


The roar of the crowd fades, replaced by the deafening whisper of uncertainty. The NFL season ends, leaving a whirlwind of questions in its wake. Heads may roll, dynasties may shift, and whispers of change hang heavy in the air. 

This is the coaching carousel, a brutal ballet of ambition, disappointment, and the relentless pursuit of victory. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential hot seats and rising stars waiting in the wings. We’ll also cover the NFL coaching carousel’s unpredictable nature.

Current Hot Seats: NFL Firing Coaches

Ron Rivera – Commanders

The echoes of the firing cannons have already reached the Commanders’ camp. Ron Rivera finds himself standing on what seems to be a melting iceberg. Key defenders have left. Rookie quarterback Sam Howell has struggled. 

This has led to scrutiny of Rivera’s coaching prowess. The Commanders’ owner, David Tepper, is known for his impatience. His impatience has put Rivera on a potential hot seat.

Dennis Allen – Saints

Dennis Allen’s position with the Saints is increasingly shaky. This is among the wishful thinkers and hopeful fans. Despite playing the easiest schedule in the NFL, the Saints find themselves below .500. The defense, expected to be stellar, has faltered, and the offensive weapons can’t seem to find the end zone. Allen’s fate could be sealed if the team fails to turn things around.

Matt Eberflus – Bears

Justin Fields is not the only cause for concern in Chicago. The disgruntled quarterback is the reason. Matt Eberflus faces criticism for an offense that’s lacking in production. The addition of quality pieces like Montez Sweat hints at a future that might not include Eberflus. The Bears’ management might be eyeing a fresh start to reignite the team’s winning spirit.

Potential Hot Seats

Jonathan Gannon – Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon faces the storm in Arizona. He is caught in the crossfire of a franchise that seems to lack a commitment to winning. Gannon might find himself with just one shot to turn things around. The potentially poor season could lead to a high draft pick. The keyword here is “ownership,” as bad leadership can spell doom for even the most capable coaches.

Arthur Smith – Falcons

The Falcons find themselves at a crossroads with Arthur Smith. If they steady the ship and clinch the NFC South, Smith might buy himself another season. However, in a division as shaky as the NFC South, stability is a rare commodity. Smith’s fate hangs in the balance. It sways with the team’s performance in a bid for division supremacy.

Wildcard Entries: Surprises in the Coaching Arena

Bill Belichick – Patriots

The coaching titan, Bill Belichick, faces an unusual predicament in New England. The Patriots are synonymous with success. However, they are struggling. Belichick seems unable to conjure up the magic. 

The question on everyone’s mind is: How do you handle a legend like Belichick? Will he gracefully retire, or will the Patriots make the tough call? The future of New England hangs in the balance.

Todd Bowles – Buccaneers

In an unusual turn of events, every NFC South coach finds themselves on a hot seat or already gone. Todd Bowles, with the Buccaneers, is in the mix. The division’s 2022 winner boasted an 8-9 record, and the trend seems to be repeating in 2023. The competitive turmoil within the division puts Bowles in a precarious position.

The Early Birds: Coaches Already Sent Packing

As we approach the end of the 2023 NFL regular season, three teams have already made their move. The Raiders initiated the coaching carousel on November 1. They parted ways with both coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler. 

On November 27, the Panthers fired Frank Reich. This marked his second consecutive season facing the chopping block. The Chargers joined the early exodus on December 15. They dismissed coach Brandon Staley and GM Tom Telesco.

Digging Deeper: Inside the Coaching Changes

Los Angeles Chargers

High hopes turned to dashed dreams under Brandon Staley’s 2½-year reign with the Chargers. A lone playoff appearance couldn’t mask the sting of consistent disappointment. A Week 15 debacle proved the tipping point, leading ownership to make a clean break. Staley and the Chargers go their separate ways, both seeking brighter horizons.

The new Chargers coach faces a strategic chess match. They have a brilliant quarterback in Justin Herbert, but their opponent is a formidable one: the salary cap. The coach has limited resources. They must be a financial wizard, unearthing hidden gems and maximizing every penny. This will help them build a team that complements Herbert’s talents. Can their cunning overcome financial constraints? Will it lead the Chargers to checkmate their rivals?

Giff Smith and JoJo Wooden are unknown quantities stepping into high-pressure roles, their abilities and leadership styles yet to be tested under the microscope. Can they defy expectations, prove their doubters wrong, and write a new chapter in Chargers history?

Carolina Panthers

Frank Reich’s tenure at Carolina ended with an NFL-worst 1-10 record, including an 0-6 mark on the road. The Panthers’ owner, David Tepper, is known for his impulsive decisions. He swiftly fired Reich less than 24 hours after a frustrating loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 12.

A young quarterback is entering the second year of a rookie deal. The Panthers have significant cap space, offering a foundation for a rebuild. However, challenges include a history of coaching changes. The offensive line is ailing. Cam Young needs to prove himself as the franchise player.

Tepper plans to interview numerous candidates, focusing on a young, offensive-minded coach. The biggest question remains: Will general manager Scott Fitterer retain his job?

Las Vegas Raiders

Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler were hired in January 2022. They inherited a team that made a surprising playoff run in the previous season. However, a 3-5 record and two consecutive losses led to their ousting. It happened after a lackluster Monday Night Football defeat to the Detroit Lions.

The Raiders play in a state-of-the-art stadium. They boast elite talent. This makes them an enticing opportunity. However, the franchise’s historical struggles and recent inconsistency pose challenges for prospective coaches. The potential quarterback dilemmas also pose challenges for prospective coaches.

The Raiders defeated the Chargers 63-21. This win likely helped Antonio Pierce lose his interim coach tag. The win was record-breaking. The team seems to be responding positively to the coaching change. It injects a glimmer of hope into a challenging situation.

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The NFL coaching carousel is in full swing. Hot seats and potential hires dominate the narrative. The unpredictable nature of the league ensures that nothing is certain. As we anticipate the next moves in this high-stakes game, one thing is clear. The NFL coaching landscape is ever-evolving. Fans can expect surprises as the offseason unfolds.

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