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Proposed Trade Between Panthers: Jerry Jeudy in Exchange for Jaycee Horn and Additional Assets?


Improving the Wide Receiver Group


The Carolina Panthers are in dire need of adding talented playmakers to their wide receiver corps during this offseason. Although the Panthers have limited 2023 draft picks available for trading, they could potentially explore acquiring an experienced veteran wide receiver through a trade without sacrificing high value draft capital.


According to Bleacher Report’s suggestion, the Panthers could consider trading for Jerry Jeudy from the Denver Broncos. The proposed trade involves offering cornerback Jaycee Horn and a fourth round pick from the 2025 draft in exchange for Jeudy. In his four seasons with Denver, Jeudy has caught 211 passes for 3,053 yards and scored 11 touchdowns, which is considered decent but falls short of the expected production from a former first round pick. On the other hand, Horn has faced injury challenges throughout his three seasons in the league, limiting him to just 22 games played.


However, it is debatable whether trading Horn and a Day 3 pick for Jeudy would be a fair deal for Carolina. Considering that both players were drafted in the first round within one year of each other, swapping out a former first round selection and future fourth rounder for another underperforming first round receiver raises questions about its value. Despite concerns regarding Horn’s long term durability, his ability to shut down opponents when he is on the field brings significant value to Carolina’s secondary. Meanwhile, Jeudy has yet to establish himself as a reliable number one option within Denver’s underwhelming offensive system.

To make this deal worthwhile for the Panthers, it would be beneficial for the Broncos to offer additional compensation, even if it’s just a late pick on the third day. The priority should be to keep Horn, who has the potential to become a dominant cornerback. On the other hand, Jeudy hasn’t shown enough evidence that he can be the top target that quarterback Bryce Young needs. It would be in the Panthers best interest to explore other options for a veteran wide receiver.

Considering Alternative Trade Targets

If acquiring Jeudy comes at too high a price, Carolina could consider trading for other receivers who are unhappy with their current situation. Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans is one such option as he requested a trade last season and could likely be acquired for a mid round pick. Despite being on the wrong side of 30, Cooks has an impressive track record with six 1,000 yard seasons under his belt. Another possibility is Van Jefferson from the Los Angeles Rams, who showed promise while filling in for injured starters last season. Either of these options would provide Bryce Young with an experienced veteran without having to invest heavily in prying Jeudy away from Denver.

The 2023 NFL Draft Class

If the Panthers decide not to pursue immediate fixes through trades and instead focus on building through the draft, they’ll have an opportunity in 2023 as it boasts an exceptionally deep wide receiver class. Although they don’t have a first round pick, they can still secure an impact rookie with their early second round selection.

There are some exciting prospects like Josh Downs, Zay Flowers and Marvin Mims who have the potential to be explosive playmakers. It might be a smarter approach for teams to invest their draft capital in receivers on Day 2 rather than taking risks on risky veteran players like Jeudy.

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