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Prospect Playbook: Mastering the Art of Scouting College Football Stars for the NFL Draft


College football has served as a crucial starting point for most aspiring NFL players. Practically all of them were identified by managers or coaches due to their outstanding performance. This involves a thorough evaluation of the players’ abilities and future prospects, a pivotal step in their journey to the professional arena. It’s imperative that this evaluation extends beyond merely watching highlight reels. To scout a player effectively entails gaining a comprehensive understanding of the individual being considered.

That’s why coaches need to keep tabs on college football injury updates and news and monitor the recent performance of a specific player. To make this process a little easier to understand, we’ve come up with a guide to help you navigate through the scouting process.

Player Evaluation Techniques

To make sure players are evaluated properly, scouts need to make sure they’re using strict judging criteria. Here, we’ve listed some of the common evaluation techniques that can be helpful when scouting a player. 

  • Focus on the Individual Plays

One of the most effective ways coaches can help their teams improve is by reviewing the game tapes. It’s also an effective tactic they can use for scouting as well as by observing the players from a different perspective it’s possible to get a better idea about their skill, strengths, and weaknesses. 

  • Considering Position-Specific Traits

Players in different positions will require different skills. For example, a quarterback will need to have a good idea about pocket presence and arm mechanics. At the same time, they need to be calm and collected under pressure to make the right plays. 

These factors are specific to any player in the quarterback position. It’s not going to be the same for a wide receiver. 

  • Body Language and Attitude

While character and behavior have nothing to do with the game, these are qualities of a great player. Check to see how they interact with their teammates after both a successful and a failed play. Skills will always make a good player. But to be great, they need to have good character as well. 

Dive Into Player Statistics

When it comes to assessing a player’s skills, the data-driven approach would be to consider their recent statistics. Thanks to the innovation of technology, you can find all of this information available online. 

Websites like Unabated Sports and ESPN are great places to check out a player’s info. You can also find news about their latest injuries from there as well. These things are also crucial when you want to place a college football player props bet. 


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