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Ranking Every NFL Quarterback Entering 2024


While we still don’t know the starting quarterbacks for every NFL team, it’s never too early to start ranking athletes. Some of the teams will need to draft a quarterback, while others will shuffle their athletes through free agency or trade. However, some teams might be stuck with their old quarterbacks that they might fail to get rid of.

With that said, let’s rank the quarterbacks who recently started with a huge number of games last season and are expected to start next season. These quarterbacks are projected to make next season’s games quite interesting as NFL fans use the BCGame Bonus code to wager on the games.  

  1. Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

At 28 years old, Patrick Mahomes’ resume speaks for itself. Mahomes topped the list of quarterbacks by the end of NFL training camp, despite several challenges during the regular season. The Kansas City star completed 75% of his total passes in 789 yards, recording one interception and five touchdowns.

Mahomes currently boasts a 15-3 record as a postseason starter, with only Joe Montana (16) and Tom Brady (35) standing ahead of him in terms of most wins. However, his reign of terror is only beginning at this stage of his career.

  1. Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson hasn’t been weighed down by the deal he signed last year in Baltimore or the huge expectations put on him while leading the Ravens to their best record in their regular season. The 27-year-old hasn’t recorded any extraordinary numbers, but he has consistently recorded a great performance since joining the Ravens. However, his uneven performance during the AFC title game cost him the opportunity to clinch his first NFL championship game.

  1. Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals

We only saw Joe Burow for a brief moment in between injuries before his thumb issue sidelined him. Nonetheless, his finesse and dynamism while playing at his best means that Burrow can hang among the exalted company of top NFL QBs.

Burrow’s impressive pre-snap processing paired with his athletic creativity and physique helps him execute plays extending beyond the pocket. Additionally, Burrow boasts of impressive accuracy at all levels.

  1. Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

Many NFL fans have waffled on Josh Allen vs Lamar Jackson for most of the 2023 season, despite both of them spending time behind Mahomes. However, Josh seems to have a hard time breaking into the top three QB spots and might need a conference title game win to get there.

Allen finished his regular season campaign with 4,306 pass yards at 7.4 yards per attempt. However, the Buffalo Bills star was a turnover machine during their mid-season malaise and recorded 7 fumbles with 18 interceptions.

  1. Justin Herbert – LA Chargers

Despite the LA Chargers having a difficult time a year ago, Justin Herbert remained on track for a wonderful season before his injury derailed him. For most of the season, Herbert was a sensational player, except for several blips like the Dallas match. He remains the prototype considering his physique, pocket presence, arm talent, accuracy, and decision-making.

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