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Ranking The 14 NFL Playoff Teams And Their Chances To Win Super Bowl

Excited for the playoffs? We are! Everyone is gawking at the Super Bowl odds, because this year, the rankings are far from what any of us expected at the beginning of the year. Brady’s Bucc’s are not doing as well as we thought, or as well as Brady thought either, it seems.


But, the Bills have taken over the rankings and the Eagles have played a savage game this year too! 


Who will win? 


Who Will Take It Home?


We cannot tell you who will be taking the Lombardi trophy home this year, but what we can do is spend some time hypothesising with you and looking at the odds, and the overall rankings of the 14 NFL teams we will be seeing in the playoffs. 


So, what are you waiting for! 


#1. The Bills 


The Bills currently have a win-loss rate of 13-3 with current odds to win the Super Bowl at +400.  Josh Allen is a dynamic quarterback and their defence is strong, while they’re not the top seed in the conference, if they can get past the Chiefs, they are golden! 


#2. The Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals have a win-loss rate of 12-4, with current odds to win the Super Bowl at +750 to +850 depending on the sportsbook. After last year it seems like they are trying to make it to another Super Bowl. 


The best thing they have going is they don’t beat themselves, their defence is strong, but their offensive line has had a few injuries.


#3. Kansas City Chiefs


The Chiefs have a win-loss rate of 14-3, and the best odds at +330 to +350 to win the Super Bowl. They are the top seeds to win, and they are number one in almost every offensive category. Their defence needs some work however, and if they face our next contender, they could fall.


#4. The Eagles


The Eagles have a win-loss rate at 14-3, matching the Chiefs, their odds are +550, however, they could have been higher up. Jalen Hurts injury had their score lowered for a couple of weeks, but with him back, we hope to see the Chiefs and the Eagles face off. 


What a game that would be! 


#5. San Francisco 49ers


The 49ers have a win-loss rate at 13-4, their odds are +500. Winning 10 games in a row to end their season, their only real challenge will be facing the Eagles in the NFC Championship.


#6. The Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens have a win-loss rate at 10-7, their odds are +4000.  If Lamar Jackson is playing they have a shot to beat the Bengals, however, if not, their odds dip down a lot, hence why their odds are +4000 at the moment, it all depends!


#7. The Buccaneers


The Buccaneers have a win-loss rate at 8-9, their odds are +2800. We all had more hope for Brady and the Buc’s, and while their offence is good, and everyone is hopeful for Brady and his team, there has been a lot of chaos around the Buc’s this season, so it is yet to be seen. 


Their win-loss rate is also one of the lowest of those qualifying for the playoffs. Keep your eye on Brady in the Super Bowl news.


#8.  The L.A Chargers


The Chargers have a win-loss rate at 10-7, matching the Ravens, their odds are +2000. Sure they’re a good team, but they have had a lot of injuries and other problems. They seem to be the team that we were promised, but with Williams out and Bosa injured, God knows what will happen! 


#9. The Cowboys


The Cowboys have a win-loss rate at 12-5, their odds are +1200. The Cowboys are a great team, but most of their losses were unexpected, they had a close call with the Eagles, which they lost, a loss to the Jaguars and even the hapless Texans. What’s going on?


#10. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jaguars have a win-loss rate at 9-8, their odds are +5000. This team is very young but they are the testament to coaching, which is all we can really say, good luck Jaguars! 


#11. NY Giants


The Giants have a win-loss rate at 9-7, their odds are +5500. They will be unlikely to win NFC, Not with the Eagles there, but they will definitely beat the Vikings! 


#12. Miami Dolphins


The Dolphins have a win-loss rate at 9-8 matching the Jaguars, their odds are +6000. The Dolphins have climbed into the Playoffs thanks to a win against the Jets, with a good quarterback they have a chance, but not a Super Bowl chance!


#13. Minnesota Vikings


The Vikings have a win-loss rate at 13-4, matching the 49ers, their odds are +3500. If they had won 11-12 games by 8 or less points they would have been blown out in losses. They are not doing well right now, but maybe things will turn around in the playoffs? We are hopeful! 


#14. The Seattle Seahawks


The Seahaws have a win-loss rate at 9-8, matching the Jaguars, their odds are +7000. The Seahawks did well up until November, but now they have started to drag, their lack of overall talent has shown up and there has been regression, they may make some noise, but we don’t reckon it will be much! 

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