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Remembering some truly iconic American football games


Alongside keeping tabs on the various NFL Drafts that have taken place over the years, fans of football also wind down with a selection of games that are based on the sport they know and love. Since the early days of gaming, there have been some truly iconic releases that have helped shape the genre and make it what it is today.


These days, Madden NFL 24 is a preference for so many American football gamers, although many people are also eagerly anticipating the release of Madden NFL 25, a title that is expected to hit the shelves in late August. Previous Madden games, alongside a range of other memorable releases, have certainly contributed to the football genre of gaming. It isn’t just popular among American football audiences either.


In fact, American football’s reach has extended far beyond the United States of America thanks to games that showcase the sport in the best way possible. Sure, people are also exploring leading Xbox One games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and exciting online slots like Hyper Gold, but there is a genuine appetite for football games, given the big hits and the epic action they tend to provide. For gamers everywhere, they’re enticing products.


While today’s titles are impressing gaming audiences, it’s the products of yesteryear that we’re focussing on here. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look back at some truly iconic American football games.


Madden 2005 is a gem


As we’ve already touched on, many of the most popular NFL games being played today took inspiration from some former favorites. One of them is most definitely Madden 2005, a gem of a release that is still being played by some lucky gamers in 2024. Not only was the game’s defense fun to control, but the strong doses of entertainment the game offered, thanks to some seriously hard hits, making it a brilliant release to play for a few hours at a time. With the NCAA video game coming back as well, you can win the Heisman as an SEC QB again. For many, this 2005 version of the game still hasn’t been beaten, and when you assess its pure entertainment value, it’s easy to see why.


Mutant League Football first arrived in the ‘90s


A game that is still being played today after new and improved versions enabled it to remain relevant, Mutant League Football first came to the fore in 1993. Since then, the game has become well known for its huge community of players who adore the action-packed scenarios that unfold between players with names like Bomb Shady, Wham Neutron, Throb Bronkowski, Hatrick Myhomies, and Ratspew Splattered. While the game isn’t an accurate depiction of American football, inclusions like additional violence and some instances of bribery make it enthralling.


Tecmo Super Bowl is a NES classic


In terms of pure fun and entertainment, not many games in this arena come close to Tecmo Super Bowl. Accessible on the NES, while its 16-bit style might not stand up against some of today’s more detailed titles, it had a number of notable highlights. For starters, Tecmo Super Bowl contained regular-season and Pro Bowl modes, both of which were excellent. Additionally, the game also enabled players to control multiple teams and make demands to the computer regarding on-field eventualities that typically occur in a football game. Tecmo Super Bowl probably isn’t one for any purists, but it definitely delivered.


NFL Street was a blast


Although this particular title probably didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time, NFL Street is a release many dedicated American football gamers would have sampled. Released in 2004, it provided urban street play with unique clothing being worn to create a casual football gaming escapade. With its seven-on-seven format, end-to-end action was a guarantee as epic encounters occurred with the game’s wide variety of characters, some of which were created by the players themselves. Overall, NFL Street was a blast.


NFL Blitz 2000 is a top title

NFL Blitz 2000.jpeg







Occasionally, arcade games with a football feel were well received by gaming communities. NFL Blitz 2000 is certainly one of them, with this extension of NFL Blitz 99 receiving plenty of plaudits at the time of its release. Serving up a realistic package that contained endless amounts of big hits and a strategical element that allowed players to create plays and adjust numerous features, it’s a title that truly was ahead of its time.

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