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Robert Saleh Provides Update on New York Jets Injury Return for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

When four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers joined the New York Jets, he did so to a fanfare, but sadly, within minutes of his debut with the MetLife Stadium franchise in September, the veteran quarterback suffered a serious injury that has ruled him out ever since.


It had appeared as if the Jets were capable of making a splash without the legendary NFL player when they defeated the New York Giants in overtime to go 4-3 and give long-suffering Jets fans hopes of making it to the postseason for the first time in over a decade, but the run of three successive losses that have followed have somewhat dampened the spirit in New York.


Interest in Rodgers was at a real high when he agreed to join the Jets and no doubt he was subject to a great deal of betting action as well as piquing the interest of those who make use of the best daily fantasy sports sites, but there is some potential good news on the horizon, with talk of a possible imminent return for the former Green Bay Packers star.

The Achilles injury that Rodgers suffered against the Bills is traditionally the type that would rule a player out for the whole season, but by all accounts, the former Super Bowl winner has been making dramatic progress, and New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh has said he will allow the 39-year-old to make his own mind up as to if and when he’s ready to get back on the field of play.


“Aaron’s a big boy,”


“Grown man. And no one’s gonna know Aaron’s body like Aaron knows his body. … If Aaron says he wants to play, he’s gonna play.”


“The pressure is to keep it afloat just to keep [the season] afloat,” Saleh said. “That pressure to go to the playoffs, there’s always pressure. It’s not for any one individual. It’s not for any possibility.”


“It’s because we’re competitors and we want to win football games, and I think Aaron’s just icing on the cake.”


Rodgers discussed his possible return during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, stating;


“I’m gonna be back there full time real soon,”


“The plan has been, once we got to Thanksgiving, was to be back there full time.”


“No, there’s no set date,”


“It could change. If I have a great week this week and next week, that could be accelerated. If we are not in it in three or four weeks, that could, you know, that could take it a different way. … I expect us to be in it, and I expect to come back.”


Some sources believe that a return could come ahead of the New York Jets game with the Washington Commanders in NFL Game Week 16,  which would be astounding, and one wonders just how much of an impact Rodgers could make in those final three matches of the season and whether Saleh’s team will be in a position to still be in the running for a postseason run by then?



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