NFL Draft Countdown

Some of the NFL draft picks that fans need to learn more about


NFL is unlike any other sport, watched by millions in both America and in the world, it’s never been more popular than it is today. With each new season comes something everyone looks forward to, draft picks. Teams trying to get their first choices ready for the new season ensuring their best chances at winning means they’ve got to get it right and get it done quickly.


Whether you’re looking for online slot tips or NFL draft picks, you really need all the information to allow you to make the right decision, that’s why NFL teams spend millions of dollars each year on scouting to ensure they make the right choice and choose a player who will make a massive difference to their team and hopefully bring them success in the season.


In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best NFL drafts that you need to know a bit more about.


Joe Alt – Notre Dame

Picking the right draft is an extremely difficult task, but Notre Dame may have a gem on their hands with Joe Alt, quick, strong and powerful. Notre Dame has extremely exciting playing on their hands for the up and coming season and one people should look out for.


Malik Nabers – LSU

Malik Nabers has some of the quickest feet in the game, as a wide receiver, Nabers has to be able to stop and change direction in a heartbeat and currently there aren’t many quicker than him. With his pace and agility, he’s sure to go straight to the top and be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.


Caleb Williams USC

One of the best quarterbacks in the game, Caleb Williams arguably only needs to work on his consistency to be labelled the best around. Whilst he shows flashes of brilliance in games, he sometimes fails to consistently show this. If he can improve on this and evidence his ability for longer periods of time, USC are sure to be onto a winner.


Marvin Harrison Jr – Ohio State

In most sports, it’s common to see players come from families that have had great or even legendary players play before them, and with Marvin Harrison Jr it’s no different. Currently only 21, he’s shown athleticism, ability and game knowledge of someone much older than himself.


Whilst it’s clear his bloodline has definitely, helped, take nothing away from Harrison Jr as he’s worked hard to be where he is today. If he continues the way he’s going, he’ll be sure to be one of the greats.


Brock Bowers – Georgia

Known for his ability at being an effective blocker both on the line and in the space, his only potential negative is he’s slightly smaller for someone in his position. Having said that, he really doesn’t let that get to him and lets his tackling numbers do the talking. If he continues how he’s going he won’t have to worry about people talking about the potential issue with his height, but more if he’ll be available for the next draft!


Drake Maye – North Carolina

One thing a quarterback needs is a cannon for an arm, and Drake Maye has just that. Yes his decision making may need some improvement but that comes with time and experience. It’s clear already that Drake Maye has all the skills possible to be one of the best, all he has to do is listen to his coaches and learn from his mistakes and he’s well on the road to becoming number one.


Rome Odunze – Washington

Pacey and agile, Rome Odunze has the ability to be the best of the best. Currently in the same pool as Marvin Harrison Jr and Malik Nabers, he’s got some real competition. However if he uses that as fuel and works hard to be better than those two, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be right at the top.


Cooper Dejean – Iowa

A true utility player, Cooper Dejean could be put pretty much anywhere on the pitch and make an impact. Being good in a number of positions can sometimes be a detriment to you as you’re not fielded in one position all season, however Dejean uses this to his advantage to get experience in numerous positions. This ensures he’s ready for any challenge that comes his way.


The NFL draft is something both fans and players look forward to each season, with hope of new and exciting players joining their team, and players looking forward to new challenges. It’s always a big time of year for NFL fans.


Whilst you may not always get the draft you were hoping for, sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise and really surprise you with some players proving you wrong.

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