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Sports Betting with Bitcoin: Advantages and Considerations


The development of cryptocurrency is still in the earliest stages, and while that might sound foolish, given how popular it is, you only need to look at how long people have been actively investing in it. Traditional finance, stocks, and gold have existed for at least half a century and see much more activity. The stock market, for instance, is over 100 years old. However, Bitcoin wasn’t even around at the turn of the Millennium, and it has risen to become a multi-trillion-dollar asset class in under two decades.


Advantages Of Bitcoin Gambling

It wouldn’t be fair or correct to say that Bitcoin gambling has legitimized the industry for people who were initially skeptical. However, it is one sector that has been able to help people better understand technology. Knowledge around cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is thin, and even though there’s heightened awareness about Bitcoin due to the explosive price action a couple of years ago, there’s a considerable difference between knowledge and awareness.


However, for those online gamblers who have transitioned from traditional online casino gaming to Bitcoin gambling, they’ve noticed a stark difference in a number of critical areas. The offers of a casino with Bitcoin games might sound like a peculiar concept, but many of the interfaces and sites operate in the same fashion as a traditional casino. You don’t have to worry about learning additional rules from poker to roulette to blackjack and slot machines. Once you grasp the concept of how your cryptocurrency wallet works and how to deposit, you’ll start to understand the inventiveness of blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrency gambling.


You benefit from connecting your wallet to the provider directly without concerns about the bank blocking your transaction. Cryptocurrency casinos and sportsbooks also don’t hold your photographic identification and credit card information, so the sign-up process is relatively simple, and you’ll rarely encounter any issues. You can set up a wallet, get some Bitcoin, send it to the crypto-gambling provider, and play within minutes. It’s a far quicker turnaround than setting up a bank, verifying information, and payment systems as you do with a traditional betting company, so there are several advantages.


Why Has Bitcoin Become So Popular?

The reason why Bitcoin has turned into such a valuable asset is down to two things. Firstly, the blockchain that underpins, registers, and validates every transaction is secured by cryptography, virtually impenetrable, and provides real-time proof of payment. This decentralized mechanism requires no oversight, eliminating the need for legacy banking systems if you’re looking to send money.


There is a finite source of Bitcoin, and the design means built into it means that it is a viable deflationary asset. The halving in 2024 is set to increase scarcity, and the smaller supply (and hopefully increased demand) will make the world’s most prominent digital asset more valuable as a result.


Considerations In Sports Betting

There are some considerations regardless of the market where you use your cryptocurrency. Despite the positives we have pointed out and that many crypto gamblers have been utilizing proceeding cautiously is still the best approach. Any new market, despite its advantages, will also have flaws, and one of the main issues with cryptocurrency sports betting and casinos at the moment is that it’s still on the outskirts of the industry.


As regulators in the United States grapple tirelessly with companies that offer cryptocurrency services within the world’s largest economy, cryptocurrency gambling companies are still in the minority compared to some of the gigantic operators within the sector.


Football Betting

If you’re placing a football bet with your Bitcoin, one component that people overlook tends to be the volatility that can occur throughout an outright market bet. Say you looked at some draft results and fancied a team to make a spirited run and get to the Super Bowl. Your bet would take place over several months.


However, Bitcoin has the potential to rise and fall 70/80% within a few months. If your outright bet is for a considerable length of time, like a season, your bet could win, but you could still lose money because of the extreme volatility. Of course, this can work in the opposite direction too, and you can end up winning more. However, if you’re using Bitcoin to bet on football because of its volatility, you could make the argument that you’re betting on the sport as well as the direction and price of the asset.


While many people might be switching to this gambling method, having a base knowledge of crypto is vital. Don’t just switch to crypto betting because you like how it sounds. Ensure you perform optimal levels of research to ensure you don’t encounter any issues when sending your assets to and from your wallet or gambling provider.

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