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Superbowl, Stats, Streaming, Superstars: Sporting Supremacy Is Here to Stay


Sport is a global passion for billions. It is played on the soccer fields, the cricket pitches, the basketball courts, the American football stadia, the baseball diamonds, the Aussie rules pitches, the tennis courts, and in so many other sporting arenas the world over. From toddlers to teenagers, adults to retirees, sport is something that brings people together and is one of the truly global pastimes that transcends every class of society. In some ways, it is the great leveler, a unifying force that unites cities, countries, and continents in a way few other things do.


These days, of course, sport is enjoyed in so many ways, especially when it comes to watching it. We still watch it on television, whether at home or in a bar or other social setting, but with so many digital outlets, streaming platforms, websites, apps where fans can place Super Bowl bets, match discussion forums, and all things sporting-related now available to us, sporting supremacy in the world of entertainment has reached a whole new level. This is being driven by many factors, including the superstar status of the competitors and teams themselves.


With an almost impossible-to-measure number of sporting websites for every sport you can imagine, streaming platforms dedicated to teams as well as sports themselves, and the rise of the sporting franchise and superstar continuing apace, just how big has the sporting business got? How much is sport one of the premium forms of entertainment? And how does this filter through to grassroots sporting involvement around the world? Let’s take a look.


Sports Streaming: Serving Loyal Supporters, Bringing In New Fans


For many years now, there have been various networks around the world that are dedicated to specific sports. The NFL has one, and the NBA, as does the MLB, the IPL, and the EPL, and the list goes on, with most countries having channels dedicated to each sport. With the emergence of streaming, of course, the availability of sports to watch has been radically altered. Put another way, streaming sports has taken the potential audience numbers to a whole new level.


Think of it in global terms, if you will. Although there have always been fans of sports beyond the traditional countries in which they are watched and played, access to sporting events, especially live and important ones, has been limited. Some countries may not have had access to geo-restricted sports channels, while others may have had premium sporting channels that were prohibitively expensive, even though NFL website content was readily available. For NFL fans outside North America, it was often hard to find live coverage. Then came the streaming revolution.


Streaming served to do two things: bring more live content, available across more devices, to devoted fans of whatever sport it may be, but also bring in a whole new audience by offering wider global access to live sporting events, features, and fan-driven video content. Streaming has, to put it mildly, exploded globally and created a sporting heaven for those who want to watch sports from around the world, around the clock. From horse racing to soccer, cricket to curling, basketball to snooker, every sport has streaming sites now, expanding the reach and creating a greater sporting supremacy in the digital world of online entertainment. Now, you can do things like check out the NFL Draft Rankings for wide receivers by just pushing a few buttons!


Sporting Heros Creating Marketing Magic For Fans and Franchises


There have always been sporting heroes, I think that is fair to say. For any child, looking up to a sports star has been something that endures through the ages, but these days, the sporting star has become the sporting superstar. But how has this contributed to the success of sports around the world? Massively, is the short answer. Whether it is Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer, LeBron James in basketball, Joe Burrow in the NFL, or Sachin Tendulkar in the heady world of Indian cricket, these sporting superstars have taken coverage, merchandising, and sporting fan bases to the next level.


Of course, social media has played a major part in this sporting coverage and supremacy. Every club, franchise, player, organization, and every sport itself is now harnessing the global power, reach, and influence of social media platforms. Sporting trends and social media content now live hand in glove, one affecting the other, one driving the other forward, and the thirst for this content among global fans is almost unquenchable. The marketing machines that are also using this superstardom as their inspiration are in overdrive. Think about the image rights for online content, names and numbers on shirts that sell by the hundreds of thousands, and trademarked sporting brands and logos promoting everything from sports gear to cereal, energy drinks to baseball caps, and so much more.


By way of conclusion, I think it is right to table the suggestion that the supremacy of sports is here to stay. From terrestrial television to the grassroots playing fields, from dedicated networks to streaming platforms, and from in-person attendance numbers to the ocean of online content about every sport under the sun, sport is watched, played, enjoyed, and worshipped by billions. I think that number will continue to grow, as the avenues to enjoy all sports rise in tandem with that.






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