NFL Draft Countdown

The ever-evolving landscape of draft-day trades


Draft day is one of the most exciting days in the calendar for any football fan, and many people are glued to the sports shows watching the whole thing unfold. 

Imagine the chaos and the number of people spending the whole day on the phone trying to sort out all of those deals – not to mention the lawyers who are involved and the many ways that teams have to prepare for draft day. On top of that, there is a huge amount of money that is changing hands on these days as the teams try to perfect their rosters. 

In this guide, we’re exploring draft-day trades, how they tend to unfold, and why there is such a big buzz around it. There is even a gambling trend surrounding these trades, as people may find markets where they can bet on trades between teams or change their predictions based on the trades, and a DraftKings promo code may help to maximize their deposit.

Why draft day is so busy

Teams get their draft picks in advance of the draft day, which is effectively a way for them to prioritize signings of players who have been “drafted” from college football, for instance. There are often some really promising talents here, so teams may make it their number one priority to sign those guys. 


Things get a little complicated, as teams can often predict which players other teams are going to take. They may know, for instance, which player is going to go in the first or second pick, and therefore prioritize getting the next pick for their own player. 


The way things unfold means that they may re-evaluate their own roster as the day goes on. Let’s say that they get an unexpected chance to sign one of the most promising talents in a certain position, and the hotly-discussed new wide receiver is unexpectedly available. The ripple effect may mean that teams put players up for trade, or to make things even more confusing, they may trade draft picks later in the draft. In the NBA (which works on a similar draft system) there are also examples of people trading all of their first-round picks, a tactic that is rarely successful.

How trading works on draft day

You can understand why teams need so many people working on their trade and recruitment teams. Things can happen very quickly.


Unlike some sports like soccer, money doesn’t really come into the equation, so if a trade is going to happen on the day, then teams need to offer valuable assets. If they want to trade their draft picks, it is possible they will do this in return for players, something that we see time and time again. 


In many sports, a deal can be done in the course of the day. So, a player may wake up playing for one team, and due to the events of the day, they may end up playing for another. The ripple effect on draft day of seeing which players get moved can lead to players wanting to leave or move teams, or even lead to teams trying to balance the books. 

An example of a draft-day trade

Though modern tech has made it easier, draft-day trades aren’t anything new, and in the 1980s, Jerry Rice was traded to the San Francisco 49ers on draft day, in one of the most important trades ever in the league.


He would go on to become Super Bowl champion, 11-time All-Pro and Super Bowl MVP, and set several records, such as receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,895) and receiving touchdowns (197).


The coach moved up from 28th overall to the 16th pick to get him, having to send second-round and third-round picks to the Patriots to be able to make the trade. They also got a third-round pick in the deal.


Giving up a second-round pick was a risk but they managed to move up 12 spots in round one and take the player they wanted. This is a great example of how these sorts of trades can pan out. There are great stories of legends being made, as well as stories of some players who may not have been so successful.


Draft-day trades are part of the drama of the sport, and people tune in to their favorite sports broadcasts to be able to track who is on the move. Teams that are clever with drafts and draft-day trades may prove to be the most successful in that season!

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