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The Highest Paid NFL Players of All Time

Tom Brady

There’s no doubt that all NFL players are talented sportsmen.


But who do you think has had the best career of all time? The answer to this will vary depending on whom you ask. However, we can break down NFL players’ careers into various categories. From their time in the league to their number of touchdowns, we’ll look at ranking the best NFL players of all time.


Except, today, we’re not looking at sports metrics. Today, we’re ranking players by salaries! That’s right. We’ll be looking at the highest-paid NFL players of all time. Note these down the next time you’re placing a bet or using a bet365 bonus code. Check out the latest odds ASAP if these guys are on the team!


Ready to learn something new? Scroll down to explore the players.

1. Tom Brady

Whether you’re an NFL fan or not, it’s can’t be a surprise that Tom Brady is featured on this list. Known worldwide as an exceptional player, Brady is also the highest-paid player of all time and boasts approximately $303 million in earnings.


This is a staggering amount of cash, but it all makes sense when you look at Brady’s play. Brady has seen 22 seasons, 7 Championships, 15 Pro Bowls, and 3 first-team All-Pros in his career.

2. Drew Brees

Sitting in second place is Drew Brees, a player that held the top spot above Tom Brady for a while pre-retirement. Brees also had a high earning single-season—in 2012. The player earned an impressive $40 million, including a $37 million signing bonus.


Brees has played in one Championship, 20 seasons, 13 Pro Bowls, and 1 first-team All-Pro. A legend to remember!

3. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger falls into the list in third place, with an overall $267.3 million in earnings. Roethlisberger is a player you can’t forget, and he’s also the only player in the top five earners who isn’t a first-team All-Pro.


In his time with the NFL, Roethlisberger saw 6 Pro Bowls, 2 Championships, and 18 seasons. We were sad to see him leave in 2021!

4. Matt Ryan

In fourth place, we have Matt Ryan, whose total earnings equal approximately $267 million. At one point in his career, Ryan signed a five-year $150 million extension and an additional $46.5 million signing bonus. Wow!


Ryan has played in 14 exciting seasons, 4 Pro Bowls, and one first-team All-Pro. Lots of achievements, but Ryan is still waiting for a Championship.

5. Aaron Rodgers

Finally, in the fifth spot on our list is Aaron Rodgers. Another mega-famous player, Rodgers, has earned approximately $263.6 million during his time in the NFL. This includes a single season with $66.9 million earned in one go.


Rodgers has played in 1 Championship, 10 Pro Bowls, 4 first-team All-Pros, and 17 individual seasons. After back-to-back MVP awards, we can see why this Green Bay player made the list.


The Takeaway

Are you surprised by the results of this list? Or do you think these rankings are well-deserved? These players are super talented and well-paid for it. Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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