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The Most Popular Bets You Can Make on American Football


American football presents a unique blend of strength, physicality, and tactics, so it’s no surprise that this sport is so widely popular. For those who enjoy betting, there are plenty of options and potential wagers to place. From the basic money line option and spread betting to complex prop bets and future bets that you have to wait for a while, there’s something for everyone. So, no matter if you’ve been betting for a while or just starting your journey, you should get familiar with the most popular American football bets available.

If you’re interested in this type of betting but don’t have the necessary knowledge, make sure to find an NFL guide that will help you create bets in the future.

Money Line

Money Line bets are basic bets that are used in American football. In other words, these bets are none other than a forecast of which team will be the ultimate winner. The odds are set on both the home and away teams, and you need to pick which of these two is your favourite.

Points Spread

When the money line odds are too far apart, seasoned bettors generally prefer to bet on the point spread. In this type of bet, the team that is a big favourite takes a handicap at the expense of the team with small odds. Then, will the favourite win by more points than the set point spread, or will the underdog tie and maybe even win? With the point spread, football passion and betting get combined in such a way that a one-sided game becomes more competitive from a bettor’s perspective.

Over/Under (Total) Bet

An over/under bet, also called a total bet, is a type of wager that focuses on the combined number of total points of both teams in a game at the end of regulation. Oddsmakers take a line for the game total, which you can wager on whether the final score ends up being over or under the posted total. Over/under bets are among the most liked by the bettors as they predict the general layout of an event (the scoring dynamics) and not necessarily a winner.

Proposition (Prop) Bets

The betting proposition, also known as prop bets or simply props, is a stake in the overall occurrence or event within a football game. The gamblers will place these bets based on things like the total number of touchdowns by a particular player, the outcome of the coin toss, how much in-game technology will be used, and sometimes even the length of the national anthem performance at the Super Bowl. Prop bets have different styles of wagering, and they are most commonly placed by those who enjoy placing bets outside of the usual ones and those looking for some more excitement while watching football.

Futures Bet

Futures bets involve a wager on the outcome of future events, which, for instance, include who’ll make the All-Star, the winner of the Super Bowl, conference championships, or division winners. These bets usually have higher winning payouts than game bets, and the result of the bet is determined at the end of a season or a whole tournament since that’s when the winner is decided. Future bets can be an enjoyable way to cheer for a team you like and see it progress through a season or make the most of early projections and insights.


American football brings plenty of opportunities to place bets. No matter if you want to bet on the game, the player, or the outcome of the tournament, there’s something for everybody. Just make sure you do your research and you bet on the right option.

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